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Tim Tebow Among Those on Sick Plane to Kentucky

Florida has had 35 players fall ill to what Urban Meyer described on Thursday as either a respiratory illness or a stomach illness over the past few weeks.

Well, what was message board rumor yesterday turned into media report today as the Independent Florida Alligator is reporting that Tim Tebow flew to Kentucky on a separate plane for sick players. Major Wright also was apparently on that flight, but it was made public on Thursday that both he and Joe Haden were ill. No one is reporting just yet whether Tebow has symptoms of the respiratory or the stomach bug.

Dustin Doe, linebacker and blogger, meanwhile seemed to be in too good of spirits to have been on the sick plane:

Just touch down in the plane on the bus DESTINATION HOTEL...LOCATION...CAN'T TELL YA...HAHA TOP SECRET....STAY TUNED


ESPN's bottom line is reporting that Tebow has the respiratory illness.


The Gainesville Sun is reporting that along with Tebow and Wright, Haden and Tebow's roommate Riley Cooper were on the separate plane. Urban Meyer expects all to play. Receivers coach Billy Gonzalez, who was sent home with illness on Sunday and coached the rest of the week with a mask and gloves, also traveled with the team to Lexington.