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SEC Power Poll, Week 3


1. FLORIDA, 274.5 (17)
2. ALABAMA, 271.5 (8)
3. OLE MISS, 223.5
4. LSU, 217.5
5. GEORGIA, 182.5
6. AUBURN, 181.5
8. ARKANSAS, 110.5
9. KENTUCKY, 100

Note: Florida and Alabama split one first place vote

Literally no change in position in the top half of the poll, though Alabama is gaining on Florida after the Gators looked unimpressive against the Vols. Teams like South Carolina and Arkansas actually lost points relative to the same poll position in the previous week despite more voters this week while the teams below them gained points, seeming to indicate that there's less separation at the bottom of the poll than there was last week.


The Volunteer defense definitely showed everyone the weaknesses on the Gator offense. Florida is really missing Percy Harvin this year and they have no real threat at wide receiver.--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

Was Meyer being nice or was that the best the Gators have?  Meyer doesn't have "nice" in him, so I'm forced to assume UF is only a few points better than UCLA.--Georgia Sports Blog

Spin the game all you want, but the only good game theory strategy for either team was to run the ball - and both did.  Neither team had success passing.--Rocky Top Talk


Though the didn't play anyone, I'm impressed by how much better Alabama is playing. I'm beginning to believe they may challenge Florida for the SEC Championship.--Track Em Tigers

Tim Tebow < Greg McElroy.  You heard.--Roll Bama Roll

Showed the focus and determination that we've come to expect when a Nick Saban team faces a Sun Belt oppo-- err, showed focus and determination.--Save the Shield


Have yet to play anyone and still look fairly sluggish (5-11 on 3rd down against a 1AA defense?!).  That bandwagon should be emptying soon.--Roll Bama Roll

I don't quite know what to make of Ole Miss. Houston Nutt, Jevan Snead, and crew are doing everything they're supposed to do, but I can't shake the sense that the Rebs are a paper tiger that is going to be exposed by the Tigers, or perhaps by the Tigers.--Dawg Sports

Welcome to the football season, Ole Miss.  It's about time you joined us.--Rocky Top Talk


Their defense hasn't been the same since Bo Pelini left. --Red Cup Rebellion

I've never heard a group of people more upset about going 3-0.  They have issues on both sides, but I just get the feeling this team is going to hit its stride and crush some people later this season.  Right now, they're just thinking about it.  That Washington win suddenly looks better.--Georgia Sports Blog

If the Washington win looks a thousand times better, struggling with Vandy at home more than Miss. St. did on the road looks a thousand times worse.--War Blog Eagle


It's almost as if Richt is telling them to dig themselves into deep 1st-quarter holes so they can build character. After all, how much can you really know about yourself if you're winning too easily?--Hey Jenny Slater

103 points scored, 102 points allowed.  The Dawgs are getting it done with smoke and mirrors, not defense.--A Sea of Blue

See? You don't need a defense to win repeatedly in the SEC! (I'm Willie Martinez and I approved this message.)--Save the Shield


It's not going to be every week that Auburn can get away with a performance like that by forcing six turnovers. Still, Auburn has to be the conference's biggest surprise so far.--Garnet and Black Attack

Really West Virginia?  You gave up two INTs on shovel passes?  A good blend of luck and "not rolling over" won that one for Auburn.--Roll Bama Roll

I'm pretty sure the Plainsmen's resurgence has more to do with Louisiana Tech, Mississippi State, and West Virginia being weak than with any squad coached by Gene Chizik being strong, but Auburn got to 3-0 somehow. I hate Auburn.--Dawg Sports


The offense is firing on all cylinders and their special teams and defense are crumbling. Expect some shootouts this year, at least until the defense is fully healed.--Garnet and Black Attack

Two games in a row with 30+ points.  One more and they match their total for 30+ point game for all of 2008.--A Sea of Blue

The Gamecocks could be the best of the "mid-level" of the SEC.  They have talent at the skill positions that will only get better as they mature.  The defense is still a question mark however.--Orange and Blue Hue


Much improved, but stuck in the hard division and having to play Florida and Georgia. An easier schedule and they are guaranteed 9 wins.--Alligator Army

The passing offense works, and ... that's it.--Rocky Top Talk

Ryan Mallett has proved that he can thrive at the SEC level, so all is well with this team. Wait ... we have to play defense, too???--Arkansas Expats


All those who foresaw Rich Brooks taking over total ownership of the Louisville-UK rivalry, raise your hands -- even if I don't believe you.-- War Blog Eagle

Clear your head of your Kentucky bias for a second.  This team has played very balanced and very good football so far.  We'll see if they have the depth to keep it up, but it's been a great start.--Rocky Top Talk

Nice win by the Wildcats against Louisville. Now, can they win in the SEC? Playing teams who name their stadiums after take-out pizza doesn't inspire confidence.--Gate 21


If I were a Tennessee fan I'd be pretty happy about how they lost to UF. Plus they've provided the rest of the SEC a blueprint for containing Tebow! (Note: Must have Tennessee's defense to qualify.)--Hey Jenny Slater

There's no truth to the rumor that Mike Hamilton has petitioned the SEC to base the standings on covering the spread.--Get the Picture

Is it possible to win even if the scoreboard says otherwise?  Ask all the 5* recruits signing with the Vols.--Hog Database


The Bulldogs nabbed Dan Mullen his first SEC win on the strength of a great defensive performance against Vandy. Now the question is, can they win any more in conference?--Garnet and Black Attack

Bulldogs get a big road win over Vanderbilt and some confidence.  Now the next step is to play well in back to back weeks.--The ACC & SEC Blog

A offensive genius (Dan Mullen) won with his defense.  Hey -- that is Spurrier's playbook!--Leftover Hot Dog


Good thing the 2008 Music City Bowl memories are still fresh in our minds. They're going to have to last us a while.--Save the Shield

Tempted to say ‘It was fun while it lasted, Vandy,' but they lost this game last year, too.--War Blog Eagle

The Commodores are the first team to two SEC losses this season, and they haven't even gotten to their East division brethren yet. Good luck to them.--Over the Pylon