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Afternoon Links

Get yer BlogPoll heah!

The BlogPoll is out. Florida is still at the top with 69 first place votes, but Alabama comes in a strong No. 2 with 20 first place votes (including this blog's). Other SEC teams: LSU at 6, Ole Miss at 8, Georgia at 21, Auburn just outside at 26, and South Carolina (?) at 46.

Zip it.

After Urban Meyer's postgame sniping, Lane Kiffin invoked SEC commissioner Mike Slive's off season edict for coaches to stop, well, sniping at each other publicly. Slive must have been listening, because he called both Meyer and Kiffin to tell them to pipe down. (H/T St. Pete Times)

Kiffin's pedigree shows.

Lane Kiffin says that he doesn't see a situation where Nick Stephens will start ahead of Jonathan Crompton. (H/T RTT) He says he always believes things will improve and doesn't like the idea of rotating quarterbacks. This shows the heavy influence of his former boss Pete Carroll, who has yet to bench a quarterback in his eight seasons at USC. This season is Carroll's first with multiple starters, and it's only because of injury.

Nutt on the Radio.

Houston Nutt was interviewed by the local sports radio station here in Charlotte where I live. Here's the download for the recording of the first hour of the show; skip ahead to 13:05 to hear Nutt's interview. Also listen at 3:17 of this download for an interview with a surprisingly loose Tommy Bowden.

More Ole Miss.

Chris Low on Tyrone Nix, who left Steve Spurrier's staff in Columbia to join up with Houston Nutt at Ole Miss. The Rebels and Gamecocks play each other tomorrow.

Candor from Les Miles? No! Really?

Les Miles admits that he really doesn't know anything about anyone when it comes to ranking teams in his Coaches' Poll ballot. I applaud Miles for his honesty because as a BlogPoll voter, I think he's absolutely right. We still don't know anything. (H/T Blutarksy)

Game film broken down.

The UF athletics website has started a new thing where it has former UF receiver Travis McGriff break down game film from the previous game. There are three videos: rushing, passing, and defense. The rushing video isn't worth much because they just picked two plays where Florida's blockers outnumbered the Vol defenders. However, the passing video shows how UT shut down the Gators' deep passing game and the defense video shows two plays where Tennessee's rushing game beat the Gator defense.

Of course the commentary sounds a bit like the Florida Ministry of Information, but I will give them credit for picking some plays on the passing and defense videos where the Vols got the best of the Gators.