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Sprints Wonders If Florida Ever Plays Happy // 09.23.09

MEYERTEBOWBROOKSPOCALYPSE? Here we go again. The Florida Gators are angry.

"It seems like we always get them when they're mad," [UK coach Rich] Brooks said. "Last year we got them after they were beaten by Ole Miss. Now they did not light up the scoreboard like they're accustomed to lighting it up so I'm sure they're going to want to come in here and show everybody that their offense is still explosive. They are obviously a great football team."

The line is more than three touchdowns.

The University of Florida football team only scored 23 points against Tennessee last week but the Gators are 24-point favorites against this Saturday's opponent, the Kentucky Wildcats.

But at least Florida still has its reliable excuse on standby in case things don't go as planned.

Six more Gators came down with the illness on Tuesday. The list includes starting strong-side linebacker A.J. Jones. The others: Mike Gillislee (freshman running back), Josh Evans (freshman safety), Justin Williams (redshirt junior receiver), Shawn Schmeider (redshirt junior offensive lineman) and Earl Okine (redshirt freshman defensive lineman). ...

Meyer said that the sick players were held out of Tuesday's practices. Florida's coach also said that defensive end Jermaine Cunningham and running back Jeff Demps, who were ill this weekend, still are not "100 percent."

Brandon Spikes and Deonte Thompson, meanwhile, appear to be on track to play Saturday.

Part of what is playing into this is that Kentucky has a 22-game losing streak to Florida. That's right; most of the players on the Wildcats roster were not born when the Gators last lost to UK. So it should totally be a blowout, even  bigger than the waxing of Tennessee.

How much did they beat the Vols by again?

Somersaults might also work
Steve Spurrier is not worried about Stephen Garcia's apparent belief that he is a fullback.

"I don't believe in sliding," Spurrier said. "We tell him to get low and dive forward that way you get the most out of your run. When you slide, you lose two yards every time you slide. But if you can get down there and fall forward a little bit and avoid a big hit, that's what I've always tried to tell our quarterbacks to do that I've coached."

Spurrier QBs being known for their running ability, I'm sure he knows of what he speaks.

Arkansas' solution for speeding tickets: Don't show up
The Hogs appear to skip their court hearings on pesky things like moving violations and get to play anyway.

Now he'll never shut up
It seems that Boy Wonder's mouth helped boost ratings for the Florida-Tennessee game by 60 percent. It's all part of The Plan. (HT: Dr. Saturday)

Georgia athletics board to discuss location of World's Largest Cocktail Party Cocktail Party Cocktail Party
The discussion will be hotter for some, cooler for others.

Don't Bet On It!
The Mayor's weekly look at SEC games.

Former Arkansas administrator James Isch named interim president of NCAA
No word on how that might affect the potential candidacy of UGA President Michael Adams.

How long before it's the Chick-fil-A Hall of Fame?
Chick-fil-A, which has an annoying practice of putting its name on everything sports-related that comes within a 30-mile radius, has lured the College Football Hall of Fame to Atlanta.