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Site Notes

In case you haven't noticed, real life has been kind of kicking our butts (or mine, in any case) this week for some reason I still can't quite put a finger on. We'll blame the swine flu. Even though I don't technically have it yet, knock on wood -- which means I reserve the right to use the excuse again if I do get it.

TSK Now is canceled this week and will return next week. I promise. To all three of you who listen. Which is just as well, because it looks like we're going to have to push the SEC Power Poll back a day because of technology problems with the voting site. Like I said, one of those weeks.

The review will be up this evening but will take a more forward looking approach since there is no way to do an adequate review on Tuesday night and cover anything that hasn't been covered already. Instead of the normal "what happened," it will take the form of the mysteries surrounding each team.

The Power Poll will, pending all the necessary technological issues getting fixed, be posted on Thursday morning at 9 p.m. ET. Which will be just in time for it to get blown up by Ole Miss-South Carolina 12 hours later. Lovely, really.

After that, we will return you to your regularly scheduled blogger bloviating already in progress. And we thank you in advance for your forbearance. The comments are open as ever, so you should feel free to make fun of me for the lack of responsibility, that being one of the qualities we bloggers are most known for.