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Half of the Week 3 SEC Power Poll Ballot


1. Alabama

No one in the country has looked sharper in their first three games.

2. Florida

I still think that full strength against full strength, no one beats the Gators more than 4 out of 10. But at this moment in time, the Gators haven't put together the best season in the conference.

3. Ole Miss

Eventually the Rebels play someone noteworthy, right?

4. LSU

It hasn't always been pretty, but the Tigers' muted win over Washington looks a heck of a lot better now.

5. Georgia

After working off the flu, Joe Cox has been a stud.

6. Auburn

The win over West Virginia was nice, but it did require 6 turnovers. I'm still not convinced WVU is all that good, but I can't fault Auburn for winning to go to 3-0.

7. Kentucky

The Wildcats almost gave it away against Louisville, but they pulled it out to stay unbeaten. The game with the Gators looms this weekend, but it won't be a repeat of last year's 63-5 whooping that was put on an injury depleted UK team.

8. South Carolina

Maybe it is possible that Stephen Garcia is the answer after all. His next big test comes Thursday against Ole Miss.

9. Arkansas

The Hogs looked against Georgia about how I thought they'd be: just good enough to keep both teams in the game. Unfortunately, the defense is worse than the offense is good.

10. Tennessee

The Vols were more impressive on the scoreboard against Florida, but not so much when you look at the rest of the box score.

11. Mississippi State

Congrats to Dan Mullen for picking up a conference win. I wasn't too sure he'd get one this year.

12. Vanderbilt

They've come a long way since the bowl game. Unfortunately, it's in the wrong direction.