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Sprints Hopes Deaderick Recovers and Avoids the Berry Heism@n Video // 09.02.09

Brandon Deaderick released from the hospital. He seems to be doing well enough.

He arrived quietly at the Crimson Tide's indoor practice, making eye contact and sending casual nods to teammates, some of whom had spent a portion of the past 24 hours concerned for Deaderick's life. ...

Sources said Tuesday that Deaderick's injury was little more than a flesh wound and that there was no nerve damage.

The relatively insignificant football aspect of all of this, because there is a game to be played Saturday.

Sophomore Marcell Dareus practiced with the first-team today at Deaderick's right defensive end position. Despite expectations of a quick recovery, Deaderick's status remains uncertain for the opening game.

"Our concern at this time is for Brandon's continued recovery as our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family," Saban said, "not about when he will return to football."

No, they haven't caught the dirtbag who did this.

The. Best. Heism@n. Video. Ever. Eric Berry's is right here. Really. You'll love it. Well, if you are not a Tennessee fan. If you are -- remember, the people who did this are the same ones who hired Lane Kiffin and assure you it will turn out okay. (HT: Rocky Top Talk)

Depth charts. LSU (missed Monday), Ole Miss and South Carolina.

Oklahoma State MLB is out
Orie Lemon has a season-ending ACL tear.

TE Jamal Mosley leaves Oklahoma State team
What the h*ll is going on over there?

So, let's see... tons of preseason hype, highest ranking in school history, off-field legal problems, talented offense but questionable defense, SI cover jinx... it's almost scary how similar Okie State is to last year's Georgia team.

Except that Georgia only had one other 4,000-pound gorilla on its schedule. The Cowboys have two.

We know he won't play Thursday
Clifton Geathers is suspended for a game once he's medically cleared.

Dustin Doe will be out on Saturday -- DOOM for the Gators???
Against Charleston Southern, I think not. But Doe is "week-to-week," so it could become a larger issue.

Bad news for Josh McNeil
It looks like his career is done.

Play ball!
Baseball? In September? Well, yes, when "the winningest coach in Alabama baseball history" steps aside. His assistant and successor Mitch Gaspard.

He is without a doubt one of the best baseball coaches I've ever been around. His service to the University has been exemplary, not only the way his teams played on the field but in the way his teams conducted themselves in the classrooms and in the community.

We now return you to football coverage.

Playing Louisiana Tech, Jackson State and Western Kentucky doesn't hurt
The Memphis Commercial Appeals likes the odds for Gene Chizik, Dan Mullen and Lane Kiffin based on history.

Playing FCS schools is charity, you see
Swamp Things on the reasons the Gators play teams from the subdivision formerly known as I-AA.

Florida doesn't just get a cupcake victory and a smile with I-AA opponents. They get to help a smaller, in some cases financially challenged athletic department. Charleston Southern is using the $450,000 to put the finishing touches on a 20,000-square-foot, $4-million multipurpose athletic facility.

Urban Meyer, humanitarian.

Now would not be a good time to start
LSU has never lost to a nonconference opponent under Les Miles.

We'll know something if he starts praising Jordan Jefferson
The Meyer jinx. We all need football to start and give us something to write about.

Don't Bet On It!: Around the SEC
The Mayor's weekly conference picks column.

Now he's hurt
At this rate, Andre Smith won't play for the Bengals before 2034.

It all comes down to Clemson's finest
Rich Rodriguez is now in more trouble: He's being sued by a bank for not paying a small loan of $3.6 million.

A banned Clemson University booster now facing five felony counts was one of Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez’s business partners in the failed real-estate venture that led to a $3.9 million lawsuit filed last month. ...

[Clegg Lamar] Greene allegedly stole money from investors, including Rodriguez, to pay debts on various business deals, buy furniture and have cosmetic surgery, according to South Carolina Law Enforcement Division arrest affidavits.

Greene, a 71-year-old who lives in Clemson, S.C., was accused in 2000 of providing a $1,300 loan and use of his boat to two Clemson recruits. A university investigation found two minor infractions, and officials disassociated Greene from the football program. ... [HT: Wiz]

Well, really, $1,300 does pass for a "minor infraction" at Clemson. You have to be talking five figures before things get serious.

But here's another question: Why was a former Clemson coach and West Virginia head coach involved in real estate developments at South Carolina, Alabama and Virginia Tech?