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Warm-Up Sprints Wouldn't Take Mike's Advice on Speeches // 09.19.09

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A round-up of the pregame headlines ...


I don't think Urban Meyer really cares who idea it was
Second of all, Boy Wonder is responsible for what he says, no matter whose idea it was.

Channing Crowder, diplomat
In an impassioned plea for Urban Meyer to run up the score on Tennessee, Channing Crowder shows his inner sportsman: "I want to be a coach someday and beat the (expletive) out of people." Classy, that one.

Florida CB out through October
Jeremy Brown might return in November, though even that sounds tentative.

Just what the world needs
Another page devoted solely to Tim Tebow.


Vanderbilt won't look ahead this time | | The Tennessean
That might very well be the first time those words have ever been written.

Florida Atlantic suspends 'all-time leading receiver'
This is not an ideal situation for a Sun Belt team about to play an SEC opponent.

ESPN still sucks
And The Valley Shook with another reason the ESPN-SEC deal isn't as great as we all thought it would be. Add this to the fact that those of us who have basic cable now miss one semi-interesting league game a week, and you have a pretty strong case that this deal was good for the conference's pocketbook but not for the fans.

The Mayor backs Michael Adams
Kyle whole-heartedly endorses the UGA president for the same role at the NCAA.

Now teams are paying to cancel cupcake games
Tulane gets $700,000 to not play LSU.