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Sprints Is Open to Becoming President of the NCAA // 09.18.09

I miss Myles Brand even more already. Georgia's problem could soon be our problem, as UGA President Michael Adams is reportedly one of the favorites to take over the NCAA presidency after the death of Myles Brand.

Adams and Brand were close, having known each other for more than 20 years. On a few occasions, Brand would cite Adams as one of the pre-eminent university presidents in the nation.

"I'd never talk publicly about two things, jobs or money. I love the University of Georgia. My plan is to be here until retirement," Adams told the Associated Press Thursday. "My plan is to help facilitate the NCAA getting a search started and getting somebody in place to succeed Myles."

A rough translation of Adams' remarks would be: "Show me the dotted line."

Georgia fans are understandably torn about this. I always thought their complaints about Adams were overblown, but I can't necessarily disagree with them that he would not be at the top of most college football fans' list of favorite people were he to become the head of the Association.

While "Adams Steps Down" has the mellifluous sound of a choir of angels, might he do college football more harm than good as NCAA President? Adams is a well known, if poorly received, advocate of a playoff system. Current contractual arrangements notwithstanding, he would certainly be in a position to impose a playoff system as NCAA President. BCS fans, take heart because he is also a well known hypocrite and sellout.

Personally, my favorites are Lou Holtz and Chief Illiniwek. But maybe that's just me.


Monte Kiffin doesn't believe in The Plan
Boy Wonder has long said his comments were part of a plan to put Tennessee back on the map. Maybe he should tell dad.

But he didn’t really intend to do it. ... Just got excited and said a couple things, wasn’t meant to disrespect anyone.

Can we all now admit that Lane had no carefully crafted blueprint for returning Tennessee to prominence and was just shooting off his mouth?

Florida fans might unwittingly turn themselves into Tennessee fans
Rocky Top Talk's hooper finds an, um, interesting reason for the Vols faithful to hope rumors that Florida fans will follow up a win by singing "Rocky Top" are true. I think the term is "reverse psychology ."

The smart way to handle Brandon James
Kick the ball out of bounds on punts.

The dumb way to handle Brandon James
"Challenge" him. Ask Phil Fulmer how that usually works out.

Wideout undergoes surgery
Andre Debose had his expected surgery Thursday.


Reports of Julio Jones and Roy Upchurch playing are greatly exaggerated
Nick Saban hints that neither will take the field against North Texas.

The NCAA's first Adams initiative: Trash police
Stay classy, Athens.

Whole tailgate tents left half-standing. Abandoned portable grills. Urination in campus doorways. Defecation. Trash strewn everywhere.

"Some 70 tons of trash" had to be cleaned up by UGA workers after the South Carolina game. Kudos to the Georgia fans and blogs who have called this out, but as always Michael Adams finds a way to go overboard.

The city's open-container law is not enforced south of Broad Street on game days and police are generally more tolerant than they would be the other 358 days of the year.""We don't want to get a reputation like a British soccer crowd," Adams said. "I don't want to start arresting people or have a heavy police presence."

It's that kind of balanced perspective that puts you in line to run the Association.

Even with an easy schedule, you have to win
A Sea of Blue labels this week's game with Louisville "critical."

The path to a bowl requires at least one major upset if Kentucky loses this game, and even though that is always possible, it is also possible that UK will lose a game in which they are favored, as they have almost every year.

I could make a point here about an SEC team needing a win against a lightly-regarded Big East team to back up its hopes of bowl eligibility, but I won'-- oops.

Winning the easy ones might not help Mississippi State
The Bulldogs have a tough schedule this year, maybe even by SEC standards.

If State finishes the season having played six teams that are ranked at the time of the game, that will be the first such time in school history that feat has occurred. State has played five ranked teams in a season six times — 2007 (8-5), 2005 (3-8), 1988 (1-10), 1983 (3-8), 1982 (5-6) and 1981 (8-4).

That's a combined winning percentage of .406 against slates that are less difficult than this one.

There should be an award for things like this
And The Valley Shook actually goes to the effort to preview Louisiana-Lafayette. Of course, unlike Louisville, ULL has defeated a BCS team since October.

LSU-North Carolina fallout continues
Louisiana-Monroe is now on next year's schedule for the Tigers.

Be nice
Roll Bama Roll wants input on its new logo.[para] Which brings me to a related question: Our logo is the best the SBN graphics person could do with my idea. Thoughts on the TSK emblem?