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Half of the Week 2 SEC Power Poll Ballot


1. Florida

In two weeks, the Gators have cumulatively struggled for one quarter. No one else in the conference can say that. Of all the defenses in the country that have played two games, including those who've played two cupcakes, only Florida's has yet to give up a touchdown. The Gators are the dominant team of the league and unless you go strictly by resume, no one else belongs here.

2. Alabama

A second week swoon would have been worrisome if the Tide didn't also have one last year.

3. Ole Miss

I decided to move the Rebels up a spot to harmonize my power poll ballot with my BlogPoll ballot. Otherwise, nothing new to report.

4. LSU

Tigers move down, harmonizing, etc. The Washington game is more worrisome to me than the Vandy game though.

5. Arkansas

The Pigs are living off of preseason reputation on my ballot still, but I still think they're going to win a lot of games.

6. Auburn

They haven't played much of anyone yet, but I like the commitment to winning via the run. In the early season, no one has impressed me more with their play relative to my expectations.

7. Georgia

I officially don't have a clue as to what this team will do from week to week. That is, except for the unfortunate trend of losing linemen to torn ACLs each weekend.

8. South Carolina

Same goes for this squad. The Georgia game does offer hope for the offense though.

9. Kentucky

Still in a holding pattern until they play more games.

10. Vanderbilt

Feisty against LSU on the road. I like that, despite the final score.

11. Tennessee

I know UCLA's improved some, but against live bullets, Tennessee melted down worse than I would have imagined. At some point, the defense is going to revolt against the offense in an ugly locker room scene.

12. Mississippi State

Welcome back to reality.