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Topics for Discussion // 09.13.09

Fill in the blanks. Choose all answers that apply. Based on Saturday's South Carolina-Georgia game, we now know that _____________ was overrated.

(a) South Carolina's defense
(b) Georgia's defense
(c) Oklahoma State's offense
(d) All of the above
(e) None of the above

And we now know that ____________ was underrated.

(a) South Carolina's offense
(b) Georgia's offense
(c) N.C. State's defense
(d) Oklahoma State's defense
(e) All of the above
(f) None of the above

Which is the more surprising score: Georgia 41, South Carolina 37 or Auburn 49, Mississippi State 24? Why? The Gamecocks and Dawgs haven't scored that many points in their series in almost 40 years, but Auburn increased its points against the Western Division Bulldogs by a factor of 15 Saturday and Mississippi State increased its points by a factor of 11.

Do we have enough evidence to day that Auburn is a much better team offensively? The Tigers churned out 589 yards of total offense in their victory against Mississippi State, including 390 yards rushing. But Chris Todd completed less than half his passes and threw for 186 yards.

Did we see the real Tennessee on Saturday? Jonathan Crompton averaged 3.6 yards per attempt and was picked off three times in the 19-15 loss to UCLA. Once again, a tough defense kept the Vols in the game while the offense, um, faced challenges. How badly is Florida going to defeat the Vols this coming Saturday?

Does holding Vanderbilt to 210 yards make you feel any better about LSU's offense? The Commodores averaged just 3.7 yards a passing attempt and 3.1 yards per rush. Before you argue "It was Vanderbilt," remember that last weeks' disappointing showing came against Washington, which made Vanderbilt look like Southern Cal last year.