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Warm-Up Sprints Thinks Muscles Wasting Away Is Not Good // 09.12.09

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A round-up of the pregame headlines ...

Is this as bad as it sounds?
Georgia QB Joe Cox on his mystery injury:

"One of the muscles that protects the rotator cuff has wasted away and that puts pressure on the rotator cuff." ...

Cox is also recovering from the flu, which affected him last week. Cox said he has lost nine pounds and only regained his appetite on Wednesday.

"I got the IV before the last game," Cox said. "I wasn't breathing well. I was weak. But I'm feeling better now."

So of course he's going to be Georgia's starter. Groo suspects, not without reason, that this explains "the talk of getting Logan Gray ready to lead the #1 offense."

You could waste a lot of time trying in vain to be original
Or, like the Senator, you could just own up to the fact that all South Carolina-Georgia previews are essentially the same thing you said last year in a slightly different fashion. Really, it's all you need to know about this game blahblahblahblahblah.

It'd be better than Vegas' prediction
The line on South Carolina-Georgia is 7.5. The over-under is 38.5.

So Troy will lose by just 40
Gators deal with defensive injuries.

Dr. Saturday has the pick of the week for Mississippi State-Auburn

Both teams looked vastly more competent on offense in their openers, for whatever it's worth, so I'll predict twice the explosion of points as in last year's classic in Starkville.

That's right, 6-4. So brilliant, I'm surprised I didn't think of it.

It will happen this way because computers always get it right
I won't completely spoil the ending, but I'm almost tempted to make my usual guarantee and say I'll sing "Rocky Top" if the Vols win by that much. Almost.

Erin Andrews' Oprah interview airs
She seems to contradict the public theory that the secret taping was a crime of opportunity.

"I do know that I am a victim of a stalker, because we know that this happened in at least two rooms," Andrews said. "I was getting ready to go work a college football game in at least one of the videos I was able to identify."

I'm not sure if this is less creepy because the alleged culprit might not have randomly taped women or more creepty because he or she didn't target one particular individual. You would think that even the looniest individual would recognize the difference between noting that Andrews is attractive in that girl next door sort of way and covertly recording her in a state of undress. Apparently not.