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Sprints Invites You to Check Out Later // 09.10.09 is live. Go check out the new, which you should reguarly visit to get all your sports news. Except your SEC sports news, for which you should always visit here. Or you can go there for that, too. But only after you come here.

Now, on to the SEC news for this day.

This could get ugly
Even though prosecutors say there's no reason to charge three Arkansas basketball players with sexual assault, the alleged victim's family's lawyer says they're going "to explore all options until this matter is resolved." The details seem a little bit murky here.

Houston Nutt's team hit hard by SWINE FLU?
That one writes itself.

And the worst two are in the "marquee" intraconference game! Hooray!
And The Valley Shook unveils the first-week ATVSQBPI numbers. Grain of salt: Chris Relf is fourth.

About Caleb King playing against South Carolina
Maybe. Maybe not.

Because the 'offensive line shuffle' is the dance you want to do before your SEC opener
It's not just a matter of replacing Trinton Sturdivant for Georgia.

Rennie Curran has wildly overestimated the Gamecocks
On the looming South Carolina game:

Definitely, it’s going to be a huge game for our reputation at Georgia. ... A huge game, just as if we were playing in the SEC Championship Game. I’m ready to fight.

Just like the SEC Championship Game. Except in that one, the other team would probably have an offense.

Steve Spurrier does not read Georgia blogs
His take on whether the upcoming game against the Dawgs is a matter of the Head Ball Coach against his longtime archenemy.

All that has worn off. I think it’s just Georgia and South Carolina playing now. Simple as that. Us against them. No more this coach or that coach.

I can give you URLs, Steve.

I want Les Miles to do my annual evaluations
His take on the Washington game:

"Our new defensive staff did an outstanding job," Miles said. "They got our players in good position to make tackles, and they improved as the game went on. A lot of the night, we ran the Tiger defense I want to see."

It's the Tiger defense Urban Meyer wants to see as well.

Pretty good for a guy whose career was over
Tennessee C Josh McNeil is back in practice.

Tennessee doesn't know how well its kickers will perform
They hope to find out Saturday.

Tyler Bray will do fine ... as long as SEC defenders don't break him in half
The major downside from Rocky Top Talk's "optimistic" take on the Bray commitment.

He's very thin (about 185-190 lbs. at the beginning of the summer) and slow (5.4-5.5 40 time).

Oh my. Stop it, conference rush ends and linebackers. You're getting saliva all over your keyboards.

Maybe that's why they didn't cover the spread
The Gators' coaches must start Ahmad Black, says Goodman.

Or maybe it was this
Urban Meyer said the Gators were "painfully vanilla" on offense. Again, they scored 62 points.

Tim Tebow plays along with Kenny Mayne
At least, I hope he's playing along.

KM: So what you’re saying is you can’t run a methamphetamine lab?

TT: That phase was more during my freshman year of high school. I got out of it by junior year.

You're welcome, Georgia fans.

More proof that penalties don't matter. Sometimes, even the stupid ones are fine
Roll Bama Roll looks at each Alabama penalty against Virginia Tech. Roughly one for each point by which the Tide beat the Hokies.

He now has 42.35 million more dollars than he has wins over Mountain West teams
Nick Saban signs a nine-year contract which, over the life of the deal, will earn him almost three times the annual GDP of Tuvalu.

The chapters on dreams are probably the best
A book on both Dicky Lyonses comes out this week.

Jimmy Johns sentenced to a year in jail
The end of the sad saga of the former Alabama player.