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ESPN College GameDay Preseason Predictions


The ESPN College GameDay season preview show was this past weekend. If you missed it, here are the experts' picks for archival purposes. Lee Corso was not in studio yet, as he's finishing up his recovery from a stroke, but Chris Fowler did deliver them for your viewing pleasure.


Lee Corso: FSU

Robert Smith: Georgia Tech

Lou Holtz: FSU

Kirk Herbstreit: Georgia Tech

Big 12

Corso: Texas

Smith: Texas

Holtz: Oklahoma

Herbstreit: Texas

Big East

Corso: Rutgers

Smith: Rutgers

Holtz: South Florida

Herbstreit: Rutgers

Big Ten

Corso: Penn State

Smith: Ohio State

Holtz: Penn State

Herbstreit: Penn State


Corso: California

Smith: USC

Holtz: Cal

Herbstreit: USC


Corso: Florida Gators

Smith: Florida

Holtz: Florida

Herbstreit: Florida

National Title Game

Corso: Texas over Florida

Smith: Florida over Texas

Holtz: Florida "upsetting" Notre Dame (his words)

Herbstreit: Florida over Texas


Corso: Colt McCoy

Smith: McCoy

Holtz: Tim Tebow

Herbstreit: McCoy