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Sprints Is Light // 08.06.09

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'We talkin' 'bout practice' (V). Reporting today:

  • Florida Gators: Can they live up to the hype?
  • Kentucky Wildcats: Sure, they'll probably go to a bowl. But can they do it while defeating more than the nonconference cupcakes and weak SEC teams?
  • Vanderbilt Commodores (non-freshmen): Can they make it two in a row?

If Florida is not a unanimous No. 1, we'll hunt down the culprits
The preseason coaches' poll comes out Friday.

The Gator Bowl wants the SEC
At this rate, there are going to 13 SEC bowl slots each year.

Catlett said the Gator could only join the SEC if the Capital One Bowl does not retain its window of TV exclusivity on New Year's Day, and if the Gator acquires a top-5 pick of SEC teams. That would mean jumping either the Capital One, Outback, Cotton or Chick-fil-A in the SEC pecking order, all bowls that Catlett acknowledged are "awfully good partners" for the SEC.

Good luck on that one. (HT: Dr. Saturday)

Lyon's NFL career, football career look to be over
It's Dicky Lyons Jr., so he's characteristically upbeat.

But hey, I accomplished what I wanted. I got to run on the field for the kickoff. My last football play was not when I got hurt, so I am thankful for that.

Good luck to him in whatever's next.

It's going to be Steve Spurrier.

Nick Saban unveils death toll
No real surprises as Bama does its annual countdown of the players removed to make 85 scholarships. 

Replacing Jeremy Jarmon just got harder
Donte Rumph is bound for juco.

Mark ... uh ... you know, the Georgia guy ... he's got a problem with names
Really? Mark Richt couldn't remember Eric Berry's name and wrote it on his hand? Eric Berry. It's not like it's Svetlana Orlovsky or something. I mean, all you have to remember is "Eric Berry. QB. Safety." It's really not an unreasonable request. Or you could have it written on an index card or something in the car and memorize it again real quick before you go in the house. Unbelievable.

Blutarsky opens his post on this with a bit about coaches who have "the patience to deal with seventeen year-old kids with bloated egos." Um, wanting someone to at least know your name is not the result of a "bloated ego."

'Member of the 2007 Leadership Committee' couldn't go?
Tim Tebow's official team biography is long. Really, really long.

'I can tell you they know how to practice'
So says Johnny Majors of the Tennessee Vols. The master plan is working!