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Sprints Begins Practice Whenever It Wants // 08.03.09

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'We talkin' 'bout practice.' (II) Reporting today:

That's IT?I haven't been this disappointed since "IT" turned out to be a personal motor scooter. The grand, news-making Lane Kiffin billboard turns out to be ... nothing controversial or notable at all. It's a ticket billboard. Lots of schools have them. Boy Wonder is already losing his touch.

Not that the billboard has been free of drawing a few questions, including from those who wonder if it will help Eric Berry's Heism@n campaign or if that's even what it's supposed to do.

But it does bring up an interesting question: is this massive campaign about Eric Berry, or more about Lane Kiffin and the program? ...

Because let's face it, unless Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford all get arrested in Vegas on the same night, and get kicked off their respective teams the next day, there's no way Eric Berry is going to win the Heisman. ...

The nationwide billboards and all this media attention about the Heisman campaign won't win Berry the Heisman, but it most certainly can help capture the attention of some of the nation's best high school recruits.

Ah, don't you just love calling things like awards in August? Sure, Berry's odds of winning the award are long at best, but it is really inconceivable that Tebow, McCoy and Bradford could all have average or just above average seasons? Or that the voters will be so sick of the first three stories on SportsCenter being about Florida, Texas and Oklahoma that they might just rebel?

Who takes brass knuckles to McDonald's?
I hate to make light of what is a very serious situation, but I might actually give credence to Jamar Hornsby's insistence that he didn't use brass knuckles. (Not that that is what you might call a strong defense.) I know of few people who say, "I need a Big Mac. Wait a minute; let me grab my BC-41s first."

Back to the point.

Nutt had said he would wait on the legal process to play out before making any kind of decision on Hornsby. But the felony indictment pretty well sealed Hornsby's fate.

Felony indictments have a way of doing that.

Hornsby, you might recall, is the model citizen who got kicked off the team at Florida when he was charged with using the credit card of a dead friend.

Peria Jerry signs
Five-year deal with Atlanta, no word on real or Monopoly money.

Harvin inks deal with Vikings
Again, no dollars of any sort are mentioned.

The Golden Tebow isn't perfect
Sit down. It might be hard to take this one. Tim Tebow is -- nearsighted.

Cooper drama continues
Well, let's put it this way: I believe the Gators are more likely to win the national title in football this year than the Rangers are to win the World Series. But neither is outside the realm of possibility, and joining the Rangers would be more of a long-term decision in any case.

Now, if he can just stay on the field ...
Spurrier has good things to say about Stephen Garcia because of the latter's Spring Game performance.

"I called Stephen that night and I said, 'You know what, you actually looked pretty good in the spring game. You took your steps, had your head in the right position, one time you stepped up and hit Dion (LeCorn) on a little short corner route, instead of taking off running,' " Spurrier said Thursday following his annual media golf outing. "I said, 'Last year you would have just taken off running anywhere.’ "

Of course, this also comes from the man who gave Blake Mitchell a shot at being an All-SEC quarterback, which he was very much not. In any case, the Gamecocks must hope that this "new" Stephen Garcia also continues to make better decisions off the field.

Sit down for this one: NCAA displays caring, common sense
Broderick Green skips the one-year loss of eligibility for transferring because he's motivated by his sick grandmother. One worries about what kind of destructive idiocy is ahead; the Association has to make up for this somehow.

Maybe he can be head coach at Tennessee one day
Apparently, Dick Lyons Jr.'s incendiary quotes about Mississippi State several years back were all part of a plan, according to an excerpt  printed by A Sea of Blue from a forthcoming book about Kentucky football and Rich Brooks.

We at Team Speed Kills have also received an excerpt of the book, this one from the index.

B---s---, pp. 1-4, 7, 13, 22-25, 31, 35, 46-49, 58-72, 101, 103, 105-107, 112, 115, 130-145, 179, 204

'Alex, I'll take Things You Can See Coming a Mile Away for $200.'
Answer: The Best Game of the Fulmer Era.

Headline of the Year So Far
The award goes to Kentucky Sports Radio, which offers this gem.

Top 50 UK Players of the Post-Probation Era

That's respect for tradition there.

Sensitive much?
Over at And The Valley Shook, Poseur rips into our Q-and-A with Red Cup Rebellion. (Actually, just one of the As. We were spared.) But the conclusion shows a little less bravado than you might expect.

However, he is hitting on the fundamental problems with this LSU team. Just because he's overstating the case doesn't mean there is no case.

Worth a read, if you want a counterpoint to Juco All-American's critique of the Bengals.

Bitter Much? Nah.
Clone Chronicles, the SB Nation blog covering Iowa State, on the teams they root for in other conferences.

Georgia: They dislike Auburn, Georgia Tech, and Florida. Good enough for me!

They just love Gene Chizik so much in Ames.

Despite his annoyance, we wish him good luck
Lee Corso can be annoying, infuriating, and any other unpleasant adjective you want to throw out there. But fall Saturday mornings just wouldn't be the same without him. Get better, Coach.

Anyone who has seen the Emerald Bowl knows this is a bad idea
And yet, we have more baseball stadiums wanting to host college football games.