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Your 2009 Preseason AP Poll

The 2009 preseason AP poll is out, and as with the Coaches' Poll, there are no surprises at the top:

  1. Florida (58 first place votes), 1,498 points
  2. Texas (2), 1,424
  3. Oklahoma, 1,370
  4. USC, 1,313
  5. Alabama, 1,156

In the Coaches' Poll, there was a large gap between Florida and a neck-and-neck Texas and Oklahoma, but here the gap is between the Longhorns and Sooners. Just like in the other one though, there is a noticeable space between USC and Alabama.

Florida set a record by getting 96.7% of the total first place votes, edging out the previous record holder 2007 USC and its 95.4%. The SEC and Big 12 are tied for the most teams in the poll with five apiece. The SEC only has three teams in the top ten of this poll, whereas it had four in the Coaches. Here's where all the SEC teams ended up, including those in the also receiving votes category:

8. Ole Miss, 1,047

11. LSU, 914

13. Georgia, 714

37. Tennessee, 15

T-41. Auburn, 7

T-45. Vanderbilt, 3

49. South Carolina, 2

T-50. Arkansas, 1

The placements are roughly how they went in the Coaches' Poll (after Georgia was No. 37 South Carolina) but the order is different. Thumbs up to Vanderbilt for getting some preseason votes; I don't know how long it's been for the Commodores but it has to be a while.