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The Bryce Brown Saga Makes a Little More Sense Now

And by "a little more sense," I really do mean "a little."

Apparently, one of the fundraisers for the sophomore campus visit tour that Brown is being investigated for was a former NFL player. Until someone gets a Freedom of Information Act request in (c'mon traditional media, where you at?), we won't know who the person in question is because Brown's agent adviser Brian Butler refuses to name this mystery player who also happens to be a former client of his training business.

Butler swears the former player in question "had no interest in any of the players" who were on the tour, so Butler believes the trip to be legit. Current and former pro players' money mixing with amateur athletes in any capacity gives the NCAA a serious case of the jibblies though, so in that sense, the investigation from the NCAA does make more sense now.

The linked article has much more details about the trip from Butler, if you're interested. It still seems a bit sketchy that he calls it an "academic tour" when it was really about getting players to see football programs, but there doesn't seem to be a single thing that Butler does that doesn't attract the "sketchy" label.