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Sprints Reads the Tea Leaves on Bryce Brown // 08.20.09

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We're not saying he's not eligible. We're just saying we're working to get him eligible. Tennessee goes to extraordinary lengths to not say what they're very clearly saying.

Let's get one thing out of the way: If the season began today, Bryce Brown would not be eligible.

"Everything has been determined," said Brad Bertani, UT's associate athletic director for compliance. "Now we're just focusing on getting him eligible. There is no investigation ongoing right now." ...

"Our hope is that sometime in the next two-and-a-half weeks we'll get a more favorable ruling as to what his amateur status is and what he has to do to make sure that he is able to be eligible to play," [Athletics Director Mike Hamilton said.] ...

"The facts have been determined and we're working through the eligibility reinstatement portion of it," [Bertani] said.

There seems to be at least a pretty good chance that Brown will be eligible when all is said and done. Athletics departments As far as what the issues are? That's less clear, but there's that other BB cropping up again.

Second, did Brown receive any extra benefits, such as free training? Brown's mentor in Kansas, Brian Butler, was also a trainer and has been the subject of much scrutiny for his involvement with high school prospects. ...

Chris Low, in a post entitled "Waiting on the facts in the Brown probe," instead decides to go with "wild speculation." It's common-sense speculation, but still.

The fact that this is an issue now, two weeks into preseason camp, suggests that another school likely provided the NCAA with some information warranting a trip to Knoxville.

There's nothing wrong with guess things like this. But let's be honest when we're doing it.

Florida LB Dustin Doe has decided he's returning to the team
Now if only Urban Meyer and Charlie Strong would agree.

I thought they got rid of Houston Nutt for stuff like this
Bobby Petrino running ... the pistol?!?

Richt goes from soft practices to Junction Boys
Now C Ben Jones is "day-to-day" with a sprained ankle.

It's actually a 63-point spread
That's the line for Charleston Southern-Florida. The Wiz still thinks that's likely a record.

Media still not happy with SEC policies
And they raise a valid point about what several leagues seem to be aiming for.

Some other credentials go even further, [David Tomlin, the AP's associate general counsel] said. For example, the Pac-10 Conference is planning to limit any Internet coverage while its games are in progress, Tomlin said. There are similar concerns about Big Ten and Big 12 credentials. ...

"What that means for the fans is less opportunity to see independent, objective exposure. The leagues will cover themselves." [EMPHASIS C&F's]

That will turn out well, I'm sure.

Sarah Palin would approve
Alabama WR Julio Jones will pass on the student Senate seat.

"He appreciated the opportunity," said Jeff Puritan, a spokesman for University of Alabama athletics. "It sounded like a great idea, but when you sit down and look at a schedule of four or five classes and then practice, you got to prioritize."

Having seen a student Senate in action as a reporter for The Gamecock years ago, I can assure you that Jones will do more to change the world than he ever would as a member of the Student Government Association.

Is Urban Meyer better than Steve Spurrier?
Even Gamecock fans are starting to think so.

Whatever you want to believe about his professional ethics, the guy is an offensive genius and an amazing recruiter. Personally, I think he's supplanted Pete Carrol as the country's best coach. I'll go ahead and give Urban the big advantage here; he's at the top of his game, while Spurrier comes into this year with a lot to prove.

If we're talking lifetime achievement, I think Spurrier might have an argument to at least be on the same level. But currently, you have to give the edge to Meyer.

Rocky Top Talk reviews On Rocky Top
Looks like a fascinating book.

Okay, so you can't skip the Tebow GQ
It also has Erin Andrews. (Yes, that's Erin Andrews.) It has Erin Andrews clean and Erin Andrews muddy. That's Erin Andrews of ESPN. (HT: John Clay)

I have no idea what this means
As a child of the South, your humble correspondent likes to think he's heard about every metaphor there is. But John Calipari has topped them all.

"I've got six players coming in who think they poop ice cream," Calipari said during a question-and-answer session. "I've got to get those 12 to one agenda."

There are treatments for that.

Calipari's winning percentage goes down before he even coaches UK
Remember, back when we all thought Lane Kiffin was just "brash," there was that whole Derrick Rose thing? The NCAA most assuredly has not forgotten.

In May the NCAA accused Memphis of several major infractions during its 2007-08 season, including a fraudulent SAT score by a player, later to be revealed as Derrick Rose, and more than $2,000 in free travel for Rose's brother, Reggie.

The potential penalties include vacating the Tigers' Final Four run and 38-win season from the record books, a possibility that seems likely now according to the sources.

If the records hold true, UK will soon go to the Final Four and have that season vacated.