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SEC 2009 // Calling the Canines

C&F's predictions for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Finish: 2nd, SEC East

General: I'm giving a lot of credit to Mark Richt because, quite frankly, he's Mark Richt. This has nothing to do with the cliche that Richt does well when expectations are low -- Year2 has pretty well blown that notion up, or at least shown that there's no real evidence of it. Instead, it has to do with the fact that Richt has a record of almost always fielding solid teams. And he can get the most out of a young team. That will be critical for a team that lost so much of its offense when Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Morenoheaded to the NFL. This is, in my mind, an optimistic way of looking at Georgia's season. But Richt has earned that.

More specific: But it is a young team, so you can expect an upset somehwere along the line. Arkansas looks like a good bet, but if not there, it could come vs. South Carolina or vs. LSU or even at Tennesseee. I'm really torn on the Georgia Tech game; I think Tech could have a great team this year, but the record of Georgia dominance in recent years makes it hard to pick the Jackets. Even if Georgia drops that one, though, they could easily pick up a win in Stillwater or Fayetteville. Without another SEC upset somewhere, the latter would alter the conference record, but might not change the standings. Not to give anything away, of course.


9.5 :: at Oklahoma State :: POSSIBLE LOSS

9.12 :: vs. South Carolina :: POSSIBLE WIN

9.19 :: at Arkansas :: POSSIBLE LOSS

9.24 :: vs. Arizona State :: POSSIBLE WIN

10.3 :: vs. LSU :: POSSIBLE WIN

10.10 :: at Tennessee :: PROBABLE WIN

10.17 :: at Vanderbilt :: PROBABLE WIN

10.31 :: vs. Florida :: PROBABLE LOSS

11.7 :: vs. Tennessee Tech :: WIN

11.14 :: vs. Auburn :: PROBABLE WIN

11.21 :: vs. Kentucky :: PROBABLE WIN

11.28 :: at Georgia Tech :: PUSH

Final record: 9-3, 6-2 SEC


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