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Sprints Will Make It to the BCS One Day // 07.08.09

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Because Year2 wrapped up the BCS hearings quite effectively, I'm going to hold my thoughts until later this week, when I'll do what should be my only BCS-vs.-playoff post this offseason.

Meanwhile, some of the other reactions from around the Intertubes:

Barnhart points out that those that are carping about the lack of representation for mid-majors haven't been paying attention for very long.

For all of the flaws of the BCS, the fact is that it has provided bowl opportunities that the supposedly aggrieved schools had never had in the past. How many times had Utah played in the Sugar Bowl before the BCS? How many times had Hawaii played in the Sugar Bowl before the BCS? How many times had Boise State played in a New Year’s Day bowl before the BCS? If you answered zero to all three questions you’d be right.

Like Blutarsky, I really like the idea of a playoff or play-in game between the two highest non-BCS teams. In some years, that might be enough to vault the winner into the national title discussion, because it would give them yet another quality win. The idea is floated by Gary Patterson -- the TCU coach who wants to keep the existing system. Good for him -- and I say that without any sarcasm at all.

Meanwhile, Orrin Hatch is now calling for a Justice Department investigation. Sure, Orrin. I'm sure they'll get on it once they get done with breaking up multibillion-dollar Ponzi schemes, investigating torture and dealing with real antitrust possibilities, like Google.

Oh please, please, please let this be so

Former Arkansas coach Houston Nutt and his current team, the Ole Miss Rebels, will be featured on a new reality show dubbed "Gridiron U," according to a press release brought to our attention by

That is what you call appointment viewing, my friends.

Tennessee finds a Plan B
Apparently losing confidence about their odds in the Scrogginstakes, the Vols offer a scholarship to QB Chase Retting just in time. Next step: looking at JUCOs.

But they don't play Alabama at home this year
Mike Hamilton ix-nays this talk of black jerseys for Tennessee.

That could go better for Gator fans
The answer on Riley Cooper's future as a Gator or a baseball player for the Texas Rangers:

"Good question," said Larry Cooper, Riley's father. "Wish I had your answer. It's totally up in the air. No decisions have been made."

A decision is reportedly "likely" by Aug. 1.

Titans ink Cook
The real money is in the signing bonus of $700,000. But the Monopoly money is pretty good if Cook can hang around long enough to claim it.

C.C. Whitlock one step closer to the field
Despite a lack of game experience, Whitlock could be a major part of the Gamecocks' efforts to rebuild the secondary.

Alabama-Virginia Tech game sold out
Wonder if Tommy Bowden got his ticket.

Goodman: Meyer's not going to Notre Dame any time soon
He makes some good points, but the money angle is really weak. If "Meyer will be at the height of his powers come January," isn't that also the perfect time to squeeze the wealthy ND alums? After all, they're going to want something great if they're going to pay up after swallowing Weis' mega-deal (assuming the Genius is canned).

One of the contestants on next year's Dancing with the Stars?
Helping fill in for the Mayor, donkeydawg asks an interesting question.

after eight seasons under Mark Richt, has the Georgia program formed a clear identity?  And if so, what are the characteristics of the Richt Era, beyond the Ws and Ls and the individual stars?

I don't know; expert WTO protest re-enactors seems like a good identity to me.

The Cheese Puffs that almost weren't
Jerry at The Joe Cribbs Car Wash details how Ball State went from being a potentially dangerous game to Auburn to your run-of-the-mill mid-major paycheck game.

And then, just like that, the game went back to being a standard home paycheck game against a MAC also-ran: the Cardinals lost to Buffalo in the MAC title game, got annihilated by Tulsa in the GMAC bowl, Hokeamania took its act west to San Diego St., star quarterback Nate Davis left a year early for the NFL, the allegedly cheapskate Cardinal brass hired 62-year-old offensive coordinator Stan Parrish as their new head coach.

I'm still not sure that Ball State will be an easy win for Auburn, but it's definitely not as hard as it looked eight months ago.

Renardo Sidney Update
Sidney's lawyer claim the interviews with the NCAA "went extremely well."

"All three were responsive," Jackson said moments ago. "They spent a good bit of time, in particular Mr. and Mrs. Sidney, going through information that was already provided, clarifying some misconceptions that were out there."

Of course, Jackson also blamed the NCAA for a delay he caused, so grain of salt advised.

UK announces its official basketball roster
We can now divert attention back to Alabama's roll-trimming exercise.

Shameless network promotion
You can now retweet anything you find interesting on Team Speed Kills or across SB Nation. Also: Mobile commenting, which apparently is a big deal for those of you lucky enough to have iPhones.