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Sprints Isn't Looking to Retire Any Time Soon // 07.07.09

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Rumors of his retirement have been greatly exaggerated?Just like the other news/blog typhoons that sweep through the summer, suddenly everyone is talking about Steve Spurrier's pending retirement. Or not pending at all, really.

Over at Dr. Saturday's place, Doug Gillett says the impatience with Spurrier's seeming unwillingness to retire is mostly a sign of "the curiosity of rival SEC fans who would very much like to see Spurrier depart Columbia before he has the chance to turn South Carolina into a powerhouse." (I am not putting this article atop Sprints because he asked your humble correspondent for some input. Not nuh-uh wouldn't. Though accusations of homerism insist that I point out that Doug seems to have developed the potential powerhouse idea largely on his own.)

Doug sees Garcia's development as the most likely reason Spurrier might hang around for another few years.

For all the hype around Garcia, it's important to remember that 2009 is the first off-season in which he hasn't been suspended from practice for a substantial amount of time, and he played in only eight games last season (only three of them starts). So he's still very much an unfinished product; too unfinished, certainly, for Spurrier to base any major life decisions on one potentially less-than-wonderful season.

Leftover Hot Dog points to a slightly more mercenary reason for Spurrier to linger.

If he sticks around till Dec. 31, 2011 he gets a nice million in a tax-deferred retirement package. Seems reason enough to stay -- winningest coach honors, do some things at Carolina that have not been done since 1984 and a million bucks ... 

Not that Spurrier needs the money. But it's nice to have an insurance package, just in case the fairways start to look a little greener next spring.

Waiting until the day after SEC Media Days can't be a coincidence
QB recruit Jesse Scroggins -- without whom Tennessee is, to use a technical term, "screwed" -- will announce his choice July 25. Oh, and Tennessee fans -- about Boy Wonder's RECRUITing philosophy:

As comfortable as Scroggins has been with the Vols, he does have one concern.

"Just basically all the hoopla that’s going on -- all the violations and stuff," Scroggins said on Monday.

So, no, it's not helping.

(It's also noteworthy that Scroggins seems to have a better grasp on Urban Meyer's offensive philosophy than almost anyone who writes about college football for a living.)

There are secondary violations worth reporting, and then ...
I'm beginning to sympathize with those who think at least some secondary violations ought to really be carefully applied. Example:

The men’s basketball program also was charged with a Level I violation for "impermissible entertainment" when the team went bowling. That act itself, which also included a recruit, is not banned, but Stiles said the NCAA permits such team-wide, off-court activities to be held at certain times.

The NCAA: Protecting us from unauthorized bowling excursions since 1906.

The question I've been asking for 4-5 years now: Why is this man not a head coach?
Is the fear that an interracial couple heading up the football team will hurt fundraising really that strong? Look: It's not often that you get a South Carolina fan (your humble correspondent), a Georgia fan (Blutarsky) and a Florida fan (Orson) to agree on something apart from the stupidity of Boy Wonder's comments.

Joe Cox: Leader of Men
Leading them into what is the question that Georgia fans will soon see answered.

Of all the words to describe the I-formation ...
Emmanuel Moody calls the I "fun" in an interview with Swamp Things. Of course, just getting on the field has to be fun for Moody.

Dr. Saturday's All-Up-and-Coming Defense includes two SEC players
LSU defensive end Pep Levingston is coming from "a great defensive end factory in Baton Rouge," while Alabama safety Robby Green makes the list off his star-studded unit because "Just fitting in with this group is endorsement enough."

Yes; We'll see; Probably so; No; Doubtful; Maybe; Depends on what you mean; Good question; To an extent; Not this year
Track Em Tigers asks "Ten Burning Questions" about the SEC.

Sure. Take a shot at a man while he's on vacation.
Red Cup Rebellion hits back at the Mayor's suggestion that he's not buying the Ole Miss Rebels because of the departure of Michael Oher.

as of right now, even without Michael, we still have about infinity more Left Tackles than the Classic City Canines had in that unfortunate game against Alabama.

A South Carolina blowout of Kentucky?
Gamecock Man calls for a 10-14 point MOV. This might not be homerism; the last two times the Wildcats have traveled to Columbia, the Gamecocks have won by scores of 38-23 (2007) and 44-16 (2005).

Marcus Haislip headed to Spurs
Appears ready to sign later this week.