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Reason for Sarah Palin Resignation Revealed

WASILLA, Alaska (TSK) -- Multiple sources have confirmed to Team Speed Kills that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's surprise resignation announced Friday is intended to clear the way for her to commit to playing quarterback for the Tennessee Volunteers in 2010.

The pending commitment by Palin, who was known as "Sarah Barracuda" during her days as a high school basketball player in Alaska, will clear up a major issue for the Vols, who had otherwise pinned hopes on highly touted Jesse Scroggins -- a player also pursued by such high-profile schools as Southern Cal.

Sarah Palin, seen at right playing high school basketball, is expected to be a QB for the Vols.

Playing for Tennessee appears to be what Palin had in mind when she said: "We are not retreating, we are advancing in a different direction." Former Tennessee offensive coordinator Dave Clawson said, "That was my goal with the Clawfense -- advancing in a different direction, instead of forward -- but no one seemed to get it."

Asked what attracted him to Palin, Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin said: "Her mind." The school promptly self-reported a secondary violation; it is against NCAA rules for coaches to speak about recruits before the prospects sign letters of intent.

It is not clear whether the move would preclude Palin from running for president in 2012, as many have speculated she would. But one Palin adviser pointed out that many also believe Kiffin will not still be coaching at Tennessee in 2012.

"Besides," another adviser said, "it's not like she has a problem with leaving somewhere early."