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Sprints Will Concede Big XII Superiority When They Actually Believe It // 07.06.09

The realm of the possibly potentially plausible. A poster at Double-T Nation, SB Nation's Texas Tech blog, decries "SEC hacks" for not thinking the Big XII "appears ready to surpass SEC in football." The poster's response is a column ... from a Big XII hack?

I hate to spend too much time on this, in part because it's just a columnist from Big XII territory touting the Big XII -- no surprise there -- and also because, as I've said before, conference superiority is as much a matter of opinion as anything else.

But the column is interesting for the incredible volume of wiggle words and phrases, like:

--"its best may be directly ahead;"
--"2009 might be the year when the Big 12 takes the final step in performance and perception;"
--"'We could be there;'"
--"That total might just be the beginning."

The problem in following that logic is that, respectively:

--It may not;
--It might not;
--They could not;
--It might not.

And setting up the Oklahoma State game against Georgia as a match-up with a "traditional SEC power" shows how the Big XII plans to spin that game, despite the fact that it will be Top 10 team matching up with a squad that even the optimistic Phil Steele places at No. 13. Most expect the Dawgs to have a "down" year -- or at least a non-SEC championship year -- after losing most of their offense.

But if Oklahoma State defeats them, watch out. The Big XII will be coming on.

Or, at least, it might be.

Is the real story Boy Wonder's RECRUITing?
It is somewhat newsworthy, I suppose, that Kentucky only has two commitments for the 2010 recruiting class at this point. But what's kind of surprising is that, according to the list in the story, uber-RECRUITer Lane Kiffin is seventh in the league in commitments, behind Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina ... and Vanderbilt. Sure, not all recruits are created equal, and Vanderbilt and even South Carolina are probably not drawing kids with the same number of stars as Boy Wonder is hoping for. But we must assume that the other four schools are.

Cardwell, Kirschman both leaving Alabama
We can assume that Brian Cook is not pleased.

I will still call it World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party Cocktail Party Cocktail Party
Bernie Machen continues his fight against liquor at a game that most fans still refer to as a drinking party. His newest idea is that if there are fewer places at which to drink, college students will drink less. Sure, Bernie. That'll do it.

'I feel like I did when I was 45'
A Florida Today article about Steve Spurrier's possibly impending retirement throws cold water on the idea. As for the program's historic futility? "That is what intrigues and gets me excited each day, is to do it there." The question, of course, remains whether he can. (HT: Leftover Hot Dog)

Is 'black jorts' really the best you can come up with?
Forde puts four SEC games in the "red-hot college football rivalries" category: Tennessee-Florida, Florida-Georgia, LSU-Alabama and Ole Miss-Arkansas. (HT: LOHD)

How could a radio ad with Dicky Lyons Jr. not be funny?
The latest installment of Dicky's World.

'They are what we are in hockey'
The reaction of the Canadian football team's coach after the U.S. wins the Junior World Championship 41-3.

NCAA review of Renardo Sidney's eligibility continues
New developments include Sidney's former coach defending him and the denials of financial help for Sidney's family from a Reebok executive. Interviews begin today for the family of the Mississippi State signee.

Jason Henry is out at Arkansas
This is not a surprise.

Kentucky's Pilgram transferring to Oklahoma State
Turns down Memphis.