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Sprints Is Working for the Weekend // 07.31.09

A major project at the real job keeps me from doing a full version of Sprints, but I know you have to know the latest on The Great Tebow Robbery. A couple of Ole Miss items are still coming later today.

Spurrier says he took omission 'too seriously' - The Post and Courier
Suddenly, the Head Ball Coach is the voice of reason in l'affair Tim Tebow.

"I treated that voting-for-Tebow thing way too seriously," Spurrier said. "Sometimes you look back and say, 'Why did we get into too much detail?' " ...

"It was an oversight," Spurrier said. "I didn't see it. It was my fault. Then I corrected it. And that's all we needed to say. We got into too much detail. I shouldn't have gotten Jamie Speronis involved at all."

Speronis, as you likely don't know, is the South Carolina football operations director whose valiant effort to keep Spurrier's All-SEC ballot from overflowing with Florida Gators put the Golden Tebow on the 2nd team and started a three-day long hunt for the "culprit" at SEC Media Days.

Now, can we all just agree that we've spent way too much oxygen talking about this and move on?

'We talkin' 'bout practice.' Monday marks the first day of practice for Mississippi State. Main question: How will the Western Division Bulldogs, who ranked near the bottom of the barrel in nearly every offensive category during the Croom Era, move the ball?