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SEC 2009 // The New Future of Ole Miss

C&F's predictions for the Mississippi Rebels.

Finish: 2nd, SEC West

General: It did not strike me until I looked over the schedule for this exercise just how easy Ole Miss' slate truly is. In addition to the two FCS games, the Rebels miss Florida and Georgia and get both LSU and Alabama at home. For those of you who might be wondering -- yes, I'm still waffling on whether Alabama or Ole Miss wins the division. And, yes, I'm counting on Houston Nutt not to drop any games in embarrassing fashion. But it's time for me to start picking, so those decisions must be made now.

More specific: There aren't any real trap games on this schedule, though Arkansas could count as one and Tennessee could end up being unexpectedly important if the Vols surprise to the upside. The Rebels will be ready for South Carolina and Vanderbilty this year -- or at least they should be -- and shouldn't take until the halfway point of the season to find their identity. The Alabama game could go either way, but if Ole Miss wins that one they could always lose against LSU. If I could find another game besides LSU that I was nervous about, then I'd say there are two toss-ups and split the difference at 10-2. But LSU is the only one I see as even close, and so a nearly undefeated season it is.


9.6 :: at Memphis :: LIKELY WIN

9.19 :: vs. Southeastern Louisiana :: WIN

9.24 :: at South Carolina :: PROBABLE WIN

10.3 :: at Vanderbilt :: LIKELY WIN

10.10 :: vs. Alabama :: POSSIBLE LOSS

10.17 :: vs. UAB :: WIN

10.24 :: vs. Arkansas :: LIKELY WIN

10.31 :: at Auburn :: LIKELY WIN

11.7 :: vs. Northern Arizona :: WIN

11.14 :: vs. Tennessee :: LIKELY WIN

11.21 :: vs. LSU :: POSSIBLE WIN

11.28 :: at Mississippi State :: LIKELY WIN

Final record: 11-1, 7-1 SEC


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