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SEC 2009 // Gridiron U Preview

Team Speed Kills has obtained exclusive, partial summaries of some episodes of "Gridiron U," Houston Nutt's new reality show. We have reprinted the documents we obtained in full, though some episodes are clearly missing.

Season Premiere: Houston Nutt tries to figure out how to balance his football responsibilities -- such as making sure Tyrone Nix doesn't mess up his defense -- with his personal responsibilities. Today, he is also searching for a new cell phone with the help of Chad from Alltel. And a buffalo stampede that hurts Greg Hardy's other foot throws the defensive end's season into doubt.

Episode 3: Houston and Sylvester Croom meet at a downtown bar to reminisce about their times in the SEC. When Houston leaves the bar, Croom quietly weeps. Houston calls Urban Meyer to share memories of last year's game. Meyer hangs up.

Episode 6: Houston stresses to Jevan Snead that a vertical pass is a sign of personal failure.

Episode 7: Houston is confronted by federal regulators after his excessive testing crashes the entire wireless network of the United States. But after meeting with Houston, they are so taken by his exuberance that they leave without punishing him or warning him to do it again.

Episode 9: Houston and the players go out for a night on the town. Houston amazes his players, drinking enough Irish Car Bombs to put even Jerrell Powe under the table.

Episode 12: Mexico threatens war as the wireless slowdown sparked by Houston's texting spreads. The crisis is defused when Mitch Mustain agrees to transfer and be the quarterback for the Mexican national team.