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Ole Miss on YouTube

I have been to half the SEC stadiums, but alas, Ole Miss is one I have yet to see in person. For those counting along at home, that also means I have yet to see Oxford's world famous tailgating spot, the Grove. As I understand it, the Grove is an both an awesome place to hang out before the game as well as have a pep rally. It also means I have yet to experience an honest to goodness Hotty Toddy in person.

The football is really what matters though, since it's the reason why all the rest came to be. In recent years, it's hard to come up with too many Ole Miss players better than Patrick Willis. He was a model citizen, a high draft pick, and someone who could definitely bring the pain:

Patrick Willis (P-Willie) hit on LSU RB (via olemissbydamn)

After the jump, a trick play with Dexter McCluster that looks like vintage Houston Nutt, but actually comes from back in the Orgeron Administration just like the above clip.

The McCluster Fluster/ Ole Miss vs Memphis (via gblrgtr)

The video's description describes this as a fumblerooski, but it's not because that's illegal (and it requires setting the ball down for a lineman to pick up and run with). Instead it's just a real nicely designed trick play of the "hiding a small guy behind a big line" variety, which as I alluded to, is a Nutt specialty.