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Live-blogging Gene Chizik

10:00 a.m. ET Apologies for the late start. Chizik has reluctantly admitted to voting for ... Tim Tebow. "I don't want to open myself up to answer every time somebody doesn't agree with who I voted for." When will these coaches understand that they have no rights when the Golden Tebow has been wronged?

Also: There are many different spreads and they will run a lot, so Auburn fans don't need to riot. "We want to create a physical brand of football, which over the years is what Auburn was built on."

And the SEC is the best conference in the nation. "Do I think the Big XII is a great conference? I do." Good luck convincing the faithful there that the SEC is better.

10:05 a.m. ET "What gets you attention is when you win." How exactly would he know?

10:10 a.m. ET Rising assistant salaries? "I think it's great."

10:11 a.m. ET Has Big Cat Weekend, etc., been worth it? "When we try to recruit, we try to recruit the best guy for Auburn. ... We don't really get validated by the outside world and what their opinion is on players." This is not Miami. And he succeeds in not answering the question.

10:16 a.m. ET Championship talk. "We don't think that's out of the realm of possiblity." Good for you. If Auburn wins the SEC this year, I will dance in a Clemson shirt and post the YouTube on this site.