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Sprints Would Take a Home-and-Home with Michigan // 07.02.09

Scheduling conflict. It was an interesting rumor while it lasted, anyway.

Some sources tell me that the Athletic Department is looking into a home game against the University of Georgia in 2010, one that would also bring the Wolverines to Athens in 2011.

Big Ten hearts, in particular, seemed aflutter with the news. Bama Hawkeye at The Rivalry, Esq., hoped it would lead to some version of his Big Ten-SEC challenge. (I might not agree with all his matchups, but I love the idea.)

Alas, though, anyone familiar with Georgia's schedule knew such a game was virtually impossible, and the rumor quickly made its way around the Dawgosphere, from which it emerged in tiny pieces.

For one thing, even if Georgia wanted to do all the schedule rearranging necessary to make room for the home-and-home, it would be massively cost-prohibitive.

Do you think that Georgia is going to pay the cancellation fees to end one game with Colorado and two games with Louisville just to play Michigan?  That seems pretty expensive.

David Hale, someone who actually did talk to people in an athletics department (Georgia's, in this case), found the rumor lacking any credibility -- at least for the moment.

Simply put, there doesn't seem to be a lot of logic to it. Now, does that mean there aren't talks in the works for a series further down the road? That may be, but I would be shocked if this happened for 2010 or 2011.

The Mayor, who has previously swapped e-mails with Bill Martin on the subject (they have the Internet on yachts?), is even less optimistic.

Having openly agitated for such an arrangement in the past, and having thought we were close to getting a deal done at one point, I had my hopes dashed and I now believe the Bulldogs and the Wolverines will never meet outside of a Sunshine State bowl game.

I'll give Georgia a pass on this one, since the Dawgs are one of the best SEC teams about taking on other BCS-league competition. And Michigan used to avoid games with FCS teams, until two years ago, when the scheduled Appalachian State. We all know how that turned out.

But there are some other SEC teams (coughcoughKentuckycoughcough) who could stand to play some stronger schedules. Maybe not with the team from Ann Arbor -- but would Iowa be too much to ask?

Seven scholarship linebackers?
Auburn is getting very, very thin on defense.

Alshon Jeffery gets the okay
Hooray academic shortcuts.

Worse than 3-2?
Jerry makes the case that, in some ways, Auburn-Tennessee was last year in his continuing "Review of DEATH."

The two teams combined for 417 total yards (yes, 14 yards fewer than the Miss. St. game), an average of 3.7 yards-per-pass-attempt, nearly as many punts (19) as first downs (24), and a mind-blogging seven consecutive three-and-outs in the second half.

Imagine a world where that goal-line fumble doesn't happen. Auburn ends up a truly dreadful 4-8 and Tennessee goes bowling. Does that save Phil Fulmer? Doubt it. But it's interesting to think about.

Could this year's Alabama defense be as good as 1992's
Relatively speaking, yes, says Dr. Saturday.

The Doc also sees a 6-6 Arkansas
Slightly less optimistic than myself, far less optimistic than some Arkansas fans.

What could I possibly add?

Former Vol backup quarterback Jim Bob Cooter is facing aggravated burglary charges after allegedly getting into bed with a woman after climbing through a window of her Fort Sanders apartment, according to an arrest warrant as published on WVLT-TV's Web site.

Renardo Sidney interview scheduled for next week
So it did end up delayed, if only by a few days.

DawgsOnline tackles the Director's Cup standings
He points out that fans are more interested in, um, sports than the other stuff.

So from the point of view of a business, things are great. Meanwhile, fans are most concerned with what’s happening on the field. Business is athletics, and teams are judged not by revenue or graduation rates but by wins and titles.

And random fans in Montana, according to Stewart Mandel.

FSU says vacating wins is "unfair"
Sort of like playing with ineligible athletes?