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So Long for Now

I generally try to keep my personal life off the blog, in large part because I just don't think it would that interesting to you, the readership. However in this case, I have no choice.

This weekend I am getting married to my wonderful and beautiful fiancee Danielle, and after that we're going to Europe for a couple weeks. I am going down to Florida tonight to get ready for it, and it's going to be a busy few days leading up to Saturday.

That means I won't be back around here until August. I have some posts scheduled during the next couple weeks, but I will not be answering your comments for obvious reasons. I still welcome them though, and cocknfire will of course be around providing his take and excellent preseason/SEC media days coverage uninterrupted.

It hasn't been easy with her in graduate school at Ohio State for two years (flute performance, thank for asking; the professor up there is a big name for the instrument and an excellent teacher) and me either in Florida or Charlotte for that duration. It's finally happening though, and I couldn't be happier.

May the rest of this month be quick for you as the season approaches, and may all your favorite team's ACLs stay intact. See you in August.