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Sprints Will Be Watching on TV, But Not By Choice // 07.13.09

Fallout from The SEC Network deal. The conference's megablockbuster acquisition of contract with ESPN rules a summer weekend with two weeks yet to go until SEC Media Days and football still nowhere in sight. Apparently, some of the league's rivals are worried about the additional millions flowing to SEC schools. Dabo Swinney tries to pour cold water on the idea -- then endorses it.

"I guess money's money," Swinney said. "And money drives facilities and facilities can affect recruiting and things like that, and can affect expansion of stadiums and ticket sales. All those things. So I guess there could be an argument for that.

"But I don't know how measurable it is."

A coach from Clemson should know a lot about the connection between money and recruiting, but I digress. (Libel disclaimer: That was a joke.) Tom O'Brien sounds more nervous, until you realize that Tom O'Brien's mood never even approaches "nervous." A stampede of wild yaks could be chasing him and he wouldn't be nervous.

Meanwhile, Track Em Tigers wonders whether fans might be more inclined to stay home because of the near-saturation coverage of the conference on television, especially consider the economic troubles.

Even when you take the money issue out of the equation, this new television contract makes it tempting to stay home.

There's a lot to be said for sitting in the air conditioner, watching the SEC games of your choice and maybe another national telecast on your big HD television. For the price of a set of Auburn season tickets including your donation to Tigers Unlimited, you can buy a 50 inch plasma or LCD television that brings you closer to the action than you could ever hope to get in person.

Personally, if I had the money, I'd take the stadium trips. To me, there are few experiences in life that approach the excitement of being at an SEC football game. But fewer and fewer people have the money to go as the economy continues to be sluggish. They might not have to buy a great TV to reconsider whether their incomes might be better spent elsewhere.

The Golden Tebow publicity onslaught begins
Tim Tebow is "never" "languid," has "a hero sandwich, Gators-style" and was a "one-man backfield" before becoming "the more polished passer of last season." And that's in the first four paragraphs.

Oklahoma State was not so awful on defense
Quinton McDawg pours a little cold water on Dawg fans' notions that the Cowboys' defense will provide no challenge to Georgia.

Smart Football asks, "Was Spurrier's offense a failure in the NFL?"
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Garnet and Black Attack looks at the Alabama game and sees a "14-17 point loss."

Potential CB starter leaves N.C. State
This could help South Carolina in its opener, though you would have to imagine the Wolfpack can find a replacement between now and then. It doesn't appear that three recruits not joining the team would have a major impact. (HT: Leftover Hot Dog)

Someone in Kentucky's marketing department has too much time on their hands

Sentinel finds Billy Donovan's star "dimmer"
A good read. The obligatory interview transcript blog post is here.

Vote of confidence?
Arkansas extends basketball coach John Pelphrey's deal, even though there have been some questions about the program's stability and the team was awful last year.

Blake Dean returning to LSU
Sean Ochinko, meanwhile, signs with the Toronto Blue Jays.

He still makes less than Monte
Tennessee athletics director Mike Hamilton gets a raise. Someone please tell me how an AD gets an apparel deal.

Rap headed to New England

Thankfully, New Englanders clearly hang with Alabama fans in terms of devotion.

I find that extremely hard to believe.