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Sprints Is Not Going to Online Camp This Year // 07.01.09

You see that? July is here, meaning college football is even closer and the SEC Media Days are three weeks away. This year, it should be more fun than ever.

This edition of Sesame Street brought to you by the letters H, B and C. Steve Spurrier -- who would have you know that he now prefers "Head Ball Coach" to "Ol' Ball Coach" -- now has an online football camp for children. Watch as SOS throws footballs that shoot off stars! Watch as he tries to get through the introductory video without laughing.


If you actually want to see the camp for reasons passing understanding, go here. (HT: Orlando Sentinel)

This is disappointing
Not just because Janoris Jenkins' initial brush with police was for a charge which "the facts do not support," but because I generally hate to see affray charges dropped. It's fun to say affray.

In any case, this does raise some questions about why Jenkins had to be Tasered. Gator Clause lays out similar issues here.

Just be careful
And The Valley Shook highlights the "5 Players LSU Can't Afford to Lose to Injury."

Doc Saturday: Get off the lawn
He seems quite agitated at those of us who reported the faux commitment of Evan Berry to the Vols.

How the Berry story got out
That said, it was a bit ridiculous that it got so much traction. ESPN had it on their ticker?

Not sayin'
But the South Carolina athletics official in charge of the hated personal seating license plan resigned today. No reason given.

Cheese Puff Previews? For West Virginia?
Though Jerry does have this very legitimate point:

Auburn may not win, but as long as Stewart's there, I'll always believe they've got a shot.

Just keep your eye on your couch in case they don't.

There are so many of them
Mark Story weighs the chances of Kentucky breaking some of their streaks of mediocrity.

Mississippi State fans hold out hope for 2062
Nico2.0 takes a look at Bama's all-time record against its opponents this year.

The Gamecocks can wear fuschia, for all I care
Blackouts still not popular amongst the Rocky Top faithful.

Monday's "Tough Question" on the Sports Page radio show on WNML 99.1 FM, 990 AM, was: "If wearing black jerseys could guarantee UT football 10 wins this season, would you be for it?''

Many callers were torn.

Torn? I have to agree with Joel -- changing uniform colors is not that big a deal.

Ratings records for the College World Series
Does this mean more regular-season broadcasts? I wouldn't hold your breath.

Bruce Pearl gets contract extension, raise
Deal is for six years and 15 percent more.

Anthony Grant denies being Batman
Of course. Batman can never reveal his true identity.

GSB ponders the recent track of UGA athletics
They appear to be losing ground to Florida and LSU.