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2009 SEC Media Days Lineup Announced

SEC Media Days are a circus of the first order. The media crush is insane, as are the questions that often get asked. It's a unique experience that I hope to partake in someday.

The SEC Media Days for this year are July 22-24. That's been known for a while. What hasn't been known is the order of appearance (the format is four teams per day over three days) and which student athletes will be coming. Now thanks to the SEC's website, we know the order and the players. They go as follows:


Arkansas: DT Malcolm Sheppard and TE D.J. Williams

Vanderbilt: C Bradley Vierling and CB Myron Lewis

Mississippi State: OT Derek Sherrod and LB K.J. Wright

Kentucky: OT Zipp Duncan and CB Trevard Lindley


Alabama: OL Mike Johnson and LB Rolando McClain

Georgia: QB Joe Cox and DT Jeff Owens

Ole Miss: QB Jevan Snead and DE Greg Hardy

Florida: QB Tim Tebow and LB Brandon Spikes


Auburn: TE Tommy Trott and DE Antonio Coleman

South Carolina: WR Moe Brown and LB Eric Norwood

LSU: OT Ciron Black and LB Jacob Cutrera

Tennessee: S Eric Berry and TB Montario Hardesty

The first two and last two of each day will be going on at the same time. Commissioner Mike Slive will be appearing on the 22nd, and Rogers Redding, the coordinator of SEC officials, will appear on the 23rd.

The conference refused to humor the off season news cycle by including Urban Meyer and Lane Kiffin on the same day, but Kiffin and Spurrier are (though at different times). July 23rd has the most star power both among the coaches and players, and it's not even close. The first link above (or here, for convenience) has links for both audio and video streaming for the event. I will be out of the country at the time, so y'all will have to let me know how it goes.

List updated; LSU and Mississippi State have switched days since original posting.