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Darren McFadden is Still Unfair

Arkansas has certainly had some memorable players over its SEC years, from Clint Stoerner and his ill-timed fumbles to the insane improv ability of Matt Jones. Without a doubt though, the most exciting of them all was Darren McFadden:


I know that wasn't exactly the 1985 Bears he was going against, but it's rare to find anyone who can do that on any level. Next to Vince Young, he could be the best offensive player of the past half decade not to win the Heisman, and really, can't we just go ahead and give Troy Smith's stiff arm trophy to him?

I wish I could find the video (if you know where it is, please post it), but there's another long run of his that was against LSU a couple years ago. It was back when, you know, LSU lined up All-Americans like LaRon Landry in the defensive backfield and had only one coordinator. Anyway, he breaks off what looks like a nice run in the middle of the field, but LSU's two safeties are converging on him at the proper angles around Arkansas' own 40 yard line. It was a good gain, but that's it right?

Wrong. Soon as McFadden hit the 40, he engaged his afterburners and blew right past both of them. He somehow split the middle and ran the 60 remaining yards with ease. It's a thing of beauty.

Of course, D-Mac didn't just run the ball with frightening speed. He also ran the Wildcat offense that has taken football by storm with remarkable aplomb. After the jump, there's a video of former Arkansas offensive coordinator David Lee (now with, you guessed it, the Miami Dolphins) going to the whiteboard and explaining the basics of it. Good stuff.

As you can see, the Wildcat is an offensive package and not just a gimmick formation/play. That makes it viable as a threat, as Houston Nutt and the Dolphins have shown.