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SEC 2009 // Rocky Top Tomorrow

C&F's predictions for the Tennessee Volunteers.

Finish: 4th, SEC East

General: All the noise surrounding Lane Kiffin has somewhat obscured the fact that there is football to be played this fall. It's interesting -- we feel like we know quite a bit about Kiffin, in part because he keeps shooting off his mouth. But we still have only the broadest outlines of what Tennessee will look like this year. Anyone choosing a winning record is going out a little on a limb here, given the quarterback situation. So out there I go.

More specific: I don't see any sure losses on the nonconference schedule, though UCLA could be tricky, coming early in the season. (Don't forget that the Bruins defeated the Vols last year.) A loss at Western Kentucky or Ohio could cause everything to come unglued, though, and you're looking at a three- or four-win season. Tennessee could upset Georgia or the late-season tilt with Ole Miss. But if Auburn surprises, for example, the Vols could still be looking at three SEC wins.


9.5 :: vs. Western Kentucky :: WIN

9.12 :: vs. UCLA :: POSSIBLE WIN

9.19 :: at Florida :: LOSS

9.26 :: vs. Ohio :: WIN

10.3 :: vs. Auburn :: POSSIBLE WIN

10.10 :: vs. Georgia :: PROBABLE LOSS

10.24 :: at Alabama :: LIKELY LOSS

10.31 :: vs. South Carolina :: PUSH

11.7 :: vs. Memphis :: WIN

11.14 :: at Ole Miss :: LIKELY LOSS

11.21 :: vs. Vanderbilt :: POSSIBLE WIN

11.28 :: at Kentucky :: POSSIBLE WIN

Final record: 7-5, 3-5

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