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Sprints Appeals to Get Its Victories Back from the NCAA // 06.18.09

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Alabama will appeal. This is one of the very few news-ish things happening right now in the SEC. Alabama will appeal some of the penalties from Textbookgate -- we don't know which -- and will ask the NCAA to retroactively grant them seven additional football national titles. President Robert Witt:

There is no evidence or allegations of other NCAA violations; no coaches or administrators were involved; no players obtained books and sold them for cash, and all the books were returned or charged to the student's account as required by the UA textbook policy in effect at that time.

Of course, when he says "other NCAA violations," he means "other than the 200-some-odd athletes involved in a scheme to obtain discounted items for family and friends."

Meanwhile, Bill Curry will return to coach at Alabama -- when he leads Georgia State into Tuscaloosa in 2010. Sorry, had to see how many Tide fans would have cardiac arrest before reading the second half of the sentence.

And Chase Daniel says nice things about Greg McElroy.

"He was definitely always interested in what was going on in my head," Daniel said. "I helped him out as much as I could. He backed me up, then went on to break all my records. He backed up John Parker for three years and now, hopefully, he'll go on to lead the team to a lot of wins and put himself in the record books as one of the best quarterbacks to play at Alabama."

And unlike John Parker Wilson, all his wins will actually count.

In which Dennis Dodd makes a good point. If winning shouldn't make all the Florida arrests go away, should it make them more important?

Thirty Bulldogs have been arrested in the same four-year period, six more than Florida.

You reading much about that lately? That's the hypocrisy. If we're going to scrutinize the national champion, let's be fair and balanced. ...

Sure, Florida athletes have to be held to a higher standard. But do they have to be held to a higher standard than everyone else?

It is a fair question, although Mark Richt did face some questions last year about whether he was "losing control of the team." And we largely brushed it off. And ranked Georgia at No. 1. And then ...

That top-rated revenue just got larger. Georgia zooms to the head of the TV earnings pack with a $92.8 million contract for its media rights. According to the AJC, this "is believed to be the biggest such contract in college sports" on a per-year basis.

Meanwhile, the ACC is moving it's game to primetime and from ABC to ESPN. So instead of competing with the scraps of championship weekend on a broadcast network, the ACC will now move its game to cable and go up against the end of the SEC Championship Game and the Big XII Championship Game. That should work out well for them.

Play Ball! Arkansas survives a 12-inning thriller against Virginia in the College World Series, setting up a matchup with LSU at 2 p.m. ET Friday on ESPN2 and If the Hogs win, the final showdown between the SEC West rivals will be on Saturday. The winner advances to the best-of-three championship series.

C.C. Whitlock gets a second chance. Whitlock's not guilty verdict could actually be fairly important for the South Carolina secondary. But only if he gets everything else in order.

Wind Sprints. You could always just get a job with an SEC school, you know ... Dicky Lyons Jr. plays chess ... The going price for irrelevance? $1.2 milllion ...