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Sprints Is Hoping to Get Drafted By the Cavaliers // 06.16.09

Meeks to the Association -- probably. Jodie Meeks is headed for the NBA, he announced Monday, or at least to the draft. If he doesn't get drafted, which seems unlikely, he can head back to Kentucky. No one sees this as a realistic possibility.

A Sea of Blue says this takes away a crucial dimension for Kentucky.

UK is losing 78% of the team's three-point scoring from last year, and bringing in only one player, Darnell Dodson, who is somewhat known for his shooting.

Jay Bilas is less concerned, if that's really any consolation.

One of ESPN's college basketball analysts, Jay Bilas, said that Meeks' departure won't sink Kentucky's 2009-10 season. He noted that Meeks' impact would have been diluted a bit by having to learn a new system.

"Is it a hit? Yes," Bilas said. "Is it a huge hit? Not really."

Even without Meeks, Bilas still projected Kentucky as "definitely" a top 20 team.

This ignores the fact that many Wildcat fans were expecting a national championship if Meeks remained, a prospect that now seems more distant.

Mississippi State fans thinks this makes the Western Division Bulldogs game against Kentucky that much larger.

Footbling. A new report ranks the revenue of college football programs and finds, among other things, that Auburn takes in more than Alabama. Not that Roll Bama Roll, in compiling the revenue into list form, noticed this.

1. University of Texas - $72.95 million
2. University of Georgia - $67.05 million
3. University of Florida - $66.1 million
4. Ohio State University - $65.16 million
5. Notre Dame University - $59.77 million
6. Auburn University - $59.67 million
7. University of Michigan - $57.46 million
8. University of Alabama - $57.37 million
9. Penn State University - $53.76 million
10. Louisiana State University - $52.68 million

Priceless response to the news from The Joe Cribbs Car Wash: "Guess Daniel Moore should have sold a few more paintings."

Play Ball! I know I haven't been keeping up with Omaha very well. LSU is now one game away from the national championship series after shellacking Arkansas 9-1 on Monday, while the Hogs move to an elimination game against Virginia.

Meanwhile, South Carolina's DeAngelo Mack inks a contract with the New York Yankees. Sigh.

Not avoiding this. Normally, we try to stay away from this kind of stuff on Team Speed Kills. But I'll throw caution to the wind here, in the sincere hope that no one has any objections. A suggested Facebook icon offered by Andrew Sullivan, for those inclined to show support for the Iranian people.


Wind Sprints. Blutarksy sees the cupcake controversy as a reason to downsize college football. Good luck getting that approved ... Roll Bama Roll takes a look at the Bear's first SEC renovation -- in Kentucky. I've always wondered how many SEC fans even realize Bryant's first head coaching job in the conference was in Lexingon ... An open-records lawsuit against the NCAA and Florida State over the NCAA's inability to understand the law. For the record, if yesterday's post was unclear, I don't think Myles Brand should be sent to prison ...