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SEC 2009 // The Future in Blue

C&F's predictions for the Kentucky Wildcats.

Finish: T-5th, SEC East

General: If you had come to me five years ago and told me I'd have a college football blog, I probably would have looked at you like you were crazy. If you had told me that I would have a college football blog and would call for Kentucky to go to its fourth straight bowl game, I would have called you insane to your face. But here I am, doing exactly that. Thanks to its adopting the Kansas State scheduling philosophy and the very real improvements Rich Brooks has made to the program, Big Blue should end up in the postseason again, even in a slightly off year.

More Specific: Which of the historic losing streaks/eras of futility is likely to fall? South Carolina and Tennessee have to top the list, as the Wildcats are closer to them than any other team on the list of those who have frequently frustrated the Kentucky faithful. Alabama is more likely than Florida, naturally, but I wouldn't put either on upset alert. The Miami (Ohio) game could be tricky, just because it's the first game of the year and it's at a neutral field. Other than that, the rivalry with Louisville is a minefield. The other two non-conference games should be simple. UK's mission should be to sweep the outsiders and take two league games. They can do that. (NOTE: Alert eyes will remember that I have the Mississippi State-Kentucky game as a possible win for both Mississippi State and Kentucky. This prediction, after thought, stands. The Mississippi State post has been revised to reflect this. This is my only mulligan, and you may bash me for it in the comments.)


9.5 :: vs. Miami (Ohio) (Cincinnati) :: WIN

9.19 :: vs. Louisville :: PROBABLE WIN

9.26 :: vs. Florida :: LOSS

10.3 :: vs. Alabama :: LOSS

10.10 :: at South Carolina :: POSSIBLE LOSS

10.17 :: at Auburn :: POSSIBLE LOSS

10.24 :: vs. Louisiana-Monroe :: WIN

10.31 :: vs. Mississippi State :: POSSIBLE WIN

11.7 :: vs. Eastern Kentucky :: WIN

11.14 :: at Vanderbilt :: PUSH

11.21 :: at Georgia :: PROBABLE LOSS

11.28 :: vs. Tennessee :: POSSIBLE LOSS

Final record: 6-6, 2-6 SEC


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