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NCAA Baseball Tournament Selection (What Liveblog?)

UPDATE: Via The College Baseball Blog, the only place online I could find the bracket. (For some reason, I expected the NCAA might have it up now that it's been announced. I know)

(3) LSU and (8) Florida get national seeds, but not Ole Miss, which surprises me a bit.

In Baton Rouge:

(1) LSU, (2) Minnesota, (3) Baylor, (4) Southern

In Gainesville:

(1) Florida, (2) Miami (FL), (3) Jacksonville, (4) Bethune-Cookman

In Oxford:

(1) Ole Miss, (2) Missouri, (3) Western Kentucky, (4) Monmouth

In Clemson:

(1) Clemson, (2) Alabama, (3) Oklahoma State, (4) Tennessee Tech

In Greenville:

(1) East Carolina, (2) South Carolina, (3) George Mason, (4) Binghampton

In Tallahassee:

(1) Florida State, (2) Georgia, (3) Ohio State, (4) Marist

In Norman:

(1) Oklahoma, (2) Arkansas, (3) Washington State, (4) Wichita State

In Louisville:

(1) Louisville, (2) Middle Tennessee, (3) Vanderbilt, (4) Indiana


Yeah, I messed up and didn't realize it until 12:40 p.m. And the computer was off at that point.

Rhode Island didn't make it? At all?

To the SEC:

All eight teams from the conference tournament (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Vanderbilt) got in.

None of that's a surprise.

I'm having trouble getting the actual bracket online, but we'll have some analysis up in a bit. Again, apologies.