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Mississippi State on YouTube

There's a lot more of Mississippi State on YouTube than you might think. Sure, the Bulldogs don't hold a candle to, say, real bulldogs, but pet videos will always rules that site. Them and Rick Astley anyway.

The first search result is the video of retired USAF general and former Miss State president Robert Folglesong flying over Davis Wade Stadium before a game. It's a cool thing given that the guy was the school president at the time, and it jives with the lo-fi vibe that the cowbells give off.

The second result? A somewhat unsettling video of when a tornado hit the Georgia Dome during the 2008 SEC men's basketball tournament. MSU was playing, but the clip really isn't about the school itself.

Of the ones in the top results, this one probably would be one most dear to Bulldog fans, unless they just love unveiling new uniforms. It is of LB Jamar Cheney laying out Ole Miss receiver Shay Hodge, causing an incompletion.

After the jump, a historic one from the later results that involves late game intrigue, a coaching legend, and even a little old fashioned wishbone.

Here it is, the last two minutes of the 1980 Alabama-Mississippi State game. It ended a 28-game winning streak for Bear Bryant and the Crimson Tide. That Bulldog team went 9-3, beat Ole Miss 19-14, and played Nebraska in the Sun Bowl.