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Sprints // 05.19.09

Answer: The worst thing that could happen to Ole Miss' SEC tourney hopes. Question: What is, not having Scott Bittle in Hoover?

Said Bianco: "I wouldn't say improving. That would not be the correct term." Bittle is scheduled to meet with Birmingham based Dr. James Andrews on Wednesday, but at this point, it seems unlikely that Bittle will pitch again this season.

Dr. James Andrews is not called in for minor cases. If Bittle is gone for the season, that's a big (though not fatal) blow to Ole Miss' postseason roster.

Damaged arms is the reason that Poseur has for requesting that LSU not try too terribly hard to win in Hoover. C&F, having chosen the Bengals to win the tourney, must strenuously disagree on the basis of sportsmanship. Yeah, that's it. Sportsmanship.

What happens in Hoover might have repercussions for Auburn. But I somehow doubt it. Unless a bubblish team like South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas or Vanderbilt is eliminating in awful fashion in two games. And even then, calling anyone except the Dores and maybemaybemaybe Arkansas "bubblish" is a stretch. I don't see the SEC getting nine teams in.

One team who's season is definitely over is Tennessee. The Vols made progress, Todd Raleigh says, but only if you look past meaningless stats like "wins" and "losses."

Raleigh's first UT squad in 2008 ended 27-29, 12-18 in the SEC.

His second finished 26-29, 11-19 SEC. ...

"Last year at the end of the year, we were going the other way,'' he said. "This year at the end we're going forward.

"Last year, it was we can't wait to get out. This year the kids want to play.''

Raleigh has some good points to make in the article. But if the Vols don't change their record next year, I doubt he'll get another chance to state his case.

If you've got a photo, I've got $50. The Mayor's recap of the Jim Donnan fight is worth it for this line.

I wore a vest covered in oval "G" logos and Uga head emblems, which I also have been known to wear to weddings, and, before he spoke, Coach Donnan caught my attention from across the room and said, "I like your vest."

I'd love to know if the Mayor wore it to his own wedding, but the fact that his bride followed through with it suggests that is not the case.

While we're on the topic, Tony Barnhart signs on to the "Erk to the Hall" cause, which is about as worthy a sports cause as there is going right now. That Erk Russell is not in the College Football Hall of Fame makes the name a joke.

Alabama fans have fun with mgoblog. You know, people who say things like this about Brian usually end up yelling "INCOMING" and ducking. We'll see whether/how he has fun with this. (C'mon, we need a good offseason blogfight.)

Wind Sprints. Ole Miss football fans aren't delusional, if they do say so themselves ... Orson tries to make Mark Richt comfortable ... Robert Marve will announce his new school Friday. Remind me again how this became one of the stories of the offseason ... Jeff Demps injured at a track meet? The rest of the SEC feels horrible. Just awful. Everyone hopes he's over it by December. Late December. Wouldn't want to rush something like that, y'know ...