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Sprints // 05.18.09

C&F has seen no one else do it. So he took it upon himself.

An uncomfortably familiar question for Georgia fans. Once again, the Dawgs are forced to ask "What Happened?"

32-8, then 3-12. ...

It used to be that the team couldn't function well in all three phases of the game at one time.  Now, the team can't function in any phase at any time during conference play.

The season wasn't a total disaster for Georgia. They made the SEC tournament and are almost a lock to make the NCAAs. But Westerdawg is right; if they don't start playing better, none of that will matter.

Urban will be here for a billionty years! Urban Meyer says he's not going to Notre Dame. That's an ironclad promise that no coach has ever ever broken, right?

And Gators fans will remember this one, whether Meyer stays at Florida two more years or 20. 

Meyer said: "I didn't know what (Spurrier) was getting at. Here's a quote for you -- I am not going to Notre Dame. There's gotta be something else going on in sports. Isn't there car racing going on?"

That settles it. "Gators fans will remember this one," so Meyer isn't going anywhere. Um, already forgotten this?

More World's Largest Outdoor/Indoor Cocktail Party Cocktail Party Cocktail Party relocation talk. This time from Georgia Athletics Director Damon Evans, who presumably has some say in the process.

"I'd venture a guess that over the summer we would need to make a decision," he said.

Evans said many factors will be weighed, but one that won't get an overweighting is the Bulldogs' 3-16 record vs. the Gators since 1990.

"I'm willing to listen and look," Evans said, "but at the end of the day, I'm going to try to do what's appropriate for us and not overreact to maybe ‘We're losing' or be shortsighted and say, ‘No, we don't need to move the game.' I'm going to sit back and listen to the city of Jacksonville and look at the pros and cons of everything involved."

It's interesting that one of the things Evans feels could be "shortsighted" is saying, "No, we don't need to move the game." That indicates that he really thinks moving the Florida-Georgia game should be a serious option -- unless he's just trying to keep his head coach happy.

On the other hand, it could just be a ploy to get more money out of Jacksonville. But talk of moving the event is no longer just online and Atlanta-area chatter.

Your search - "spread offense" - did not match any documents. Grandpa Google might be mortal after all, as he tries to decode the option like other (human) defensive coordinators.

Defenses are still chasing the spread option in college football. That's Kiffin's new challenge. ...

And it presents a similar problem to what Kiffin faced in his early battles with the wishbone.

"We had five days to get ready for Oklahoma's option," Kiffin said of the 1971 game, which Nebraska won 35-31 en route to a national title. "We could not simulate their speed."

And he knows enough about the Gators to surmise, "It's difficult to simulate the speed of Florida in practice."

This is not a problem unique to Tennessee, of course. The slight advantage that the other 11 teams on the Gators' slate have is that their coach is not on record as having unjusitifiably labeled Urban Meyer a cheater.

GoVolsXtra also has a lengthy profile of Grandpa Google.

Calipari: Twitterer extraordinaire. He's got 50,000 folks following him, and is giving out signed T-shirts. Problems:

(a) What if the 23,000th follower is a recruit, and he gets a T-shirt? Is that a recruiting violation?
(b) What if FreeBahamaCruze ends up as the 18,000th follower? Just saying.

Wind Sprints. Apparently, Rich Brooks doesn't believe reading or writing is BS ... Dan Mullen shows another way to get the "name and logo" out there ... Tyrone Prothro gets a semi-pro coaching job, and if there's any justice in the world, it's the first step to much better things ...