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Sprints // 05.12.09

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Kirk Herbstreit on the SEC. Nothing too terribly surprising in an interview here, though WE'REINMAYANDSOMEONE'STALKINGFOOTBALL, so the possibility that Arkansas will "embarrass" someone and an alleged non-answer on Florida's repeat hopes get ink pixels. Two things I think he might be wrong on: The idea that Gene Chizik is a "good hire" -- really, Kirk -- and his statement that Alabama under Nick Saban is "going to be a 10, 11, or 12- win team every single year." The former should need no further explanation. As far as the latter: As a head coach, Saban has never won 10 games in back-to-back seasons. Never. Not saying he won't do it at least once at Alabama, but to say that he will do it until retirement (or until he leaves for another job in three years) is a bit much.

Who's in your stadium? The Capital One and Champs Sports bowls are in danger if Orlando city leaders don't get moving on stadium renovations, says the CEO of Florida Citrus Sports. (HT: Black Shoes Diary, who's more skeptical of the economic impact numbers than I am, but picked up on the story sooner.) It would not break my heart to see Capital One and Cotton switch, since I think the Cotton Bowl needs something to give it a shot in the arm. And, at this point, impasse seems likely.

Hogan said the SEC and Big Ten have grown tired of waiting for the renovation - especially with other cities such as Dallas, with a new $1 billion stadium, looking to muscle in on Orlando's bowl positioning. ...

Michael Walzak, board member with the local group CountyWatch, offers a more blunt assessment.

"It's never going to happen," he said. "There just isn't any money."

No money for football? This gentleman obviously does not understand the SEC. There is always money for football. Maybe not for starving children, but always for football.

Suspensions without pain. If this happens, then my respect for Mark Richt will fall considerably. Redshirting a suspended player -- unless you apply the suspension to his following season -- is simply wrong. It goes from being punishment to being a PR stunt.

I won't ruin the whole item. But suffice it to say that any sentence that includes Urban Meyer, DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne is worth reading.

Patrick Patterson stays at Kentucky. Patterson foregoes the NBA Draft for reasons that, well, seem surprisingly normal and respectable.

As Patterson explained it, he simply wanted to be a UK student and basketball player more than he wanted to be in the NBA. ...

He would have to delay, at best, the goal of getting a degree, which he can attain in Agricultural Communications next spring. Only two cousins in his extended family have college degrees, he said. ...

For now, Patterson feels better suited for the college game and college life.

Jarvis Varnado makes a similar case for his withdrawal. Meanwhile, Coach Cal is hosted by the governor, which seems a bit over the top.

Good thing to do, but an ulterior motive. Rich Brooks also wanted to see how the youngsters celebrate their birthdays nowadays. But with a guy that's 90 -- is a surprise party really the best idea? Just saying ...

Wind Sprints. John Parker Wilson looks to catch on with the Falcons ... Trying to game the court system usually backfires, as judges read newspapers and stuff ... Nico Johnson will be fine. So says his attorney, which makes it so reliable ... For those of you who can't get enough of Dan Mullen's rubber-chicken-dinner jokes ... Yes, for those of you who might have noticed the logo at the bottom, we're now distribution partners with No, it doesn't involve Verne Lundquist guest-blogging -- yet. Patience, people. Patience ...