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Sprints // 05.01.09

TeeBows complies. Sort of. They've taken Tebow's picture off their Web site and removed the Florida logos. Or so the Orlando Sentinel reports. My Web browser still shows both at the site (again, borderline NSFW). In either case, it's unlikely ot be enough for Florida, which will likely want any allusions to the Golden Tebow's name removed from women's underwear.

On the other hand, this is an interesting (and overlooked) point as the university contemplates legal action.

the university has profited off Tebow since the moment he stepped on campus. So what about all the money UF makes off its athletes? Is that fair?

Probably not. But I'm lukewarm at best about the idea of paying players, so chalk it up to an imperfect world.

Saban had me until he said ... So St. Nick is handicapping the SEC West, and you're wondering whether he's really giving you his thoughts or he's just coachspeaking, until the question is resoundingly answered.

You know, Mississippi State is going to be good. They got a new coach, a new offense, so it's going to be very competitive.

If by competitive, you mean they might score 20 every once in a while, yes. If by competitive, you mean "decent chance of winning eight games" -- not next year.

APR vs. Arkansas. The Hogs, and their basketball team in particular, are in trouble because of the NCAA's academic measurements. Of course, that will happen when none of you six seniors graduate. At least one has seen the error of his ways.

But here's some good news. The report in today's newspapers evoked a response from one of those former Razorbacks today on Twitter. Steven Hill, the 7-foot center known for his shot-blocking and defensive prowess, cleared the air with a tweet this afternoon.

stevenhill01: Its now public that I didnt get my degree. Im 1 online class away and am enrolling in it tomorrow. I will have my degree in 7 weeks or less.

Online courses are much better than they were years ago, but still -- I think I would have left that part out.

Making history (maybe). LSU batters Ryan Schimpf and Blake Dean appear to have done something unseen before in college baseball: Hit back-to-back home runs. Twice. In the same inning.

And The Valley Shook notes that college baseball records are too sketchy for anyone to say for sure. But it seems safe (at least so far) to say that Schimpf and Dean are the first players recorded to have achieved the feat.

Joe Pa: Brains -- no, not that way -- and class. Paterno, in a story in which he also indicates he might be mortal, suggests an idea that everyone agrees with except the Big Ten brass. Unfortunately, the idea is Big Ten expansion.

"We go into hiding for six weeks," Paterno said, referring to the hiatus between the end of the Big Ten regular season and the BCS bowls. The other major FBS conferences play into the first weekend of December.

"I've tried to talk to the Big Ten people about, 'Let's get a 12th team -- Syracuse, Rutgers, Pitt -- we could have a little bit of a playoff.'" ...

"You know, it's a conference that's dominated by a couple of people," Paterno said. "If I start talking, they're polite, but they snicker."

Wear the snickers of the Big Ten poobahs like a badge of pride, Joe. They can't even count.

Paterno also shows his class by calling for the NCAA to stop pushing to strip Pappy Bowden of any wins. Unlike Pappy, Joe manages to stay away from idiotic metaphors.

Wind Sprints. Mississippi State schedules South Alabama for 2012, 2014 and 2016. Hooray cupcakes! ... "[T[he [F]uture is healing" after surgery. Congratulations, John Brantley -- you now have a TSK nickname. ... If things like this keep happening, we're going to have to do something to save the Mayor's blood pressure. ... The NBA Draft could still change next year's SEC race. What, you mean there are SEC players worth drafting?