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Classic Moments in Bad SEC Ads: Get Pumped

One consequence of SEC football's popularity is that its major personalities often end up in advertisements. Since they are football coaches or players and not actors, and because the ads are usually produced by local ad agencies, we often end up with hilarious results. Over the course of the offseason, we'll be highlighting some of the best ones.

The Pitch: Whatever it is that Jeremy Foley said he had to sell; in this case, orange juice

The Pitchman: Urban Meyer

The Setup: Coach Meyer was just thinking about what makes Gator football great somewhere in the massive, dark wood-encrusted Florida athletics complex. After deciding that tradition is the best answer, he’d like to draw an analogy for you between a century of football in Gainesville and the stuff he may or may not drink with breakfast.

The Ad:


Urban Meyer likes putting on a show, but he hates talking on camera. If you’ve ever seen one of his emotionless press conferences, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

That aversion to being filmed comes through loud and clear in this awkward little ad for Simply Orange. It was one of the first spots he filmed after getting the UF job over four years ago.

This one is great because there are so many unintentionally funny things about it: the laser lock his eyes have on his cue cards, the uneven pace of his delivery, and even the fake sip at the end followed by the halfhearted endorsement and forced smile.

The best has to be the weird fist pump he does when saying "the will to win." You can almost read on his face that this is the fifteenth take, he wants no part of this anymore, and can’t understand why they want him to pump his fist there. They had to go with this take though because after it, he likely made the film crew go run laps while he verbally berated the director.

The ScoreGolden-flake_medium Golden-flake_medium Golden-flake_medium Golden-flake_medium Halfgolden-flake_medium  (out of five)

It’s tough to get better than this one. However, orange juice is really just a Florida thing and not something that all SEC fans see ads all the time for like Coke, Golden Flake, BC Powder, and Osmose wood. Minus half a point for that.

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Urban Meyer has been making awkward commercials since he got to Florida. I wish YouTube had a copy of the Red Baron biplane ad he did with Billy Donovan to show just how bad they can get. Gator fans know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, he’s actually been making cheesy ads going all the way back to his days at Utah. Feel the excitement!

Who you gonna cover? By the way, I love the single schmoe with the Arizona helmet getting beat because he's trying to cover three Utah receivers at once. In an empty stadium.

Linemen as big as a house, huh? I guess Carlos Dunlap, Jaye Howard, and Omar Hunter qualify. One more for the road...

All in all, these are better than the commercials he's done at Florida. Probably because the production values are about 50 times better.

They're still cheesy as all get out though, which brings up the question: is it possible for football coaches to make good ads at all? I certainly hope not; these are far more entertaining.