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It's Official - Jackie Sherrill Still Has It

Sherrill's got the touch. It's incredible.

We reported here at TSK in an edition of last week's Sprints that Mississippi State was investigating whether an appearance of Jackie Sherrill at practice resulted in a violation. Head coach Dan Mullen said Sherrill was only there to "coach the coaches," but he may have gotten too close to the players.

Well, we found out this week that the school went ahead and reported it as a secondary violation. Maybe it was a technicality of sorts, but when the Walking NCAA Violation is involved, you might as well confess anything and everything. Mullen and Miss State will get a standard NCAA nastygram, but nothing more will come of it.

I know it's become standard operating procedure nowadays for new coaches to embrace the past and bring back former players and coaches. In this case, with this particular coach, Mississippi State might want to go ahead and make an exception.