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Announcing: The Best 10 Big Ten-SEC Games of the Last Decade

With the help of our talented if less than fleet-footed colleagues over at The Rivalry, Esq., we have come up with a list of the best or most memorable10 Big Ten-SEC match-ups in the last 10 years. (Okay, so we cheated using honorable mentions, but close enough.) We should note, this is actually 10 years and not 11 years, though this is also a distinction we had to explain to the guys at The Rivalry. Very slowly, of course.

In all seriousness, they do great work over there covering the frozen Midwest, and we look forward to unveiling these games over the next several weeks. The series will kick off later this week over at The Rivalry, Esq. with a fairly recent game. We'll be sure to provide a link when the first installment posts.

In the meantime, you can let us know your choice(s) in the comments. What game do you most remember?