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LSU's Demetrius Byrd Hurt in Car Wreck, Not Serious

As has been reported in a few places, LSU's former WR Demetrius Byrd has been injured in a "serious" car accident in Miami. He was taken to the ICU.

His old junior college coach says the injuries aren't serious though, as Byrd's mother told him it was mostly just bumps and bruises. Thank goodness for that.

In terms of Byrd's professional future, nothing about this drops him in the draft yet. The minor injuries probably won't scare anyone off, but let's just say we don't know any details of what caused the accident. Given that it happened in Miami, there's all kinds of maniacs that could have caused it.

I haven't ever heard anything bad about Byrd the person, so let's just hope it happened because of another garden variety loon down there who will now lose their license.