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Mini-Sprints // 04.16.09

The inevitable, etc. The tax man cameth yesterday, and while dodging him would put you in pretty good company, I hope everyone got theirs in on time (or got an extension). I wouldn't want you to have to call that creepy Tax Masters guy from the commercials.

A-Day! Roll Bama Roll has some last minute updates before the masses descend on Tuscaloosa. Greg McElroy is looking good to go as the replacement for John Parker Wilson, so it leaves the backup position as the hot quarterbacking race.

That vaunted Alabama running game? Not so good in yesterday's scrimmage as it averages two feet (!) per carry on 42 tries. That's half because the important running backs were all out hurt and half because Bama's healthy front seven could be the best in the nation.

There's much, much more if you're interested.

The other A-Day! Track 'Em Tigers has five things for you to watch for at Auburn's spring game on Saturday.

To me, this is the more interesting of the two Yellowhammer state spring games. We know what Alabama does and is all about, but I want to see how much progress the Auburn quarterbacks have made. I also want to see if Gene Chizik will actually allow Gus Malzahn to run his real offense, unlike his year in Arkansas when Houston Nutt didn't let him.

The game will be televised locally and covered on many Auburn radio stations.

Orange and Blue Debut. I'm really glad Florida quit calling the spring game that and returned it to just the Orange and Blue Game.

Alligator Army has a few things to watch for on Saturday.

I'll add a couple more. First, I want to see how well the new hurry up offense does. The defense has been dominating the offense (mostly due to O-line injuries though), so I want to see if the fast pace can equalize that some. Second, I want to see how well backup QB John Brantley does. He's been getting good reviews and after all, he's option No. 2 if something bad should happen to Tim Tebow.

Four! Four! Do I hear four? Matt Hinton, proprietor of Dr. Saturday, has a premature assessment of Kentucky football for this upcoming season. Can Kentucky make it four bowls in a row?

The good doctor thinks it'll be a tough task, and I would tend to agree. Still, the fact we're even having this discussion means good things for the program. After all, the 'Cats have never been to a bowl four seasons in a row.